Saturday, August 31, 2013

What Is Considered Sinful in the West Isn't Really From Scripture

"Much of what the Western world considers to be sinful has little do with religious scripture.  The catalogue of sexual sins was largely invented by a small number of men living through the last years of the Roman Empire (c.4th-5th centuries AD) - the Fathers of the Church." 

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Friday, August 30, 2013

Loving and Lasting: How to Stay Tuned In and Turned On - Released on Amazon

We are excited to tell you that a new book has been released on Amazon and we are co-authors!  

Do you want a more meaningful and fulfilling marriage—one where you feel deeply connected emotionally, spiritually, and physically? Seriously, do you? 

Do you want to reignite the passion, eroticism, and romance you and your sweetheart shared when you met? 

In Loving and Lasting you’ll find the best advice from 20 of my favorite love experts. So get that fire extinguisher ready—these experts are ready to share it all—what really works to quickly get you tuned in and turned on in your marriage! 

You’ll learn how to:
• Rediscover intimacy, sexual excitement, and physical pleasure
• Fall in love again with your spouse
• Communicate better and release negativity
• Find out what really turns you on—and excites your spouse
• Recover from past infidelities
• Create an erotic, romantic relationship

Ready for a more vibrant, connected, and sexually satisfying marriage? Then start reading!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Grow or Die...or Maybe Roar

"If we try to remain the same and refrain from growing, to accommodate someone else's need for us to stay the same, the only long-term outcome is resentment, which kills whatever emotion there was there. Real love never restricts us nor demands that we stop developing."
-- Brenda Davies

**This quote inspired yesterday's post at Reconnect With Your Soul.  Check it out.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

You Don't Bring Me Flowers and more

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You Don't Bring Me Flowers
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Wacky Wednesday - Fish Attack Men's Family Jewels 
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Q & A: Can Massage Be Foreplay?
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Monday, August 26, 2013

Jewish Men Expected to Satisfy Their Wives

Here is an interesting tidbit for you.  According to Jennifer Hunter in Rites of Pleasure, "Jewish men have a religious obligation to sexually satisfy their wives and it is considered a mitzvah (commandment or good deed) to make love on the Sabbath."

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Football Party...Fun for Grown-ups and the Kiddos

We had a blast last night hanging out with friends/neighbors for a pre-season party for a Broncos game.  Good Times!

When was the last time you and your sweetie hung out with friends?  For this particular get together we took the kiddos too.  So good times were had by all.  

See - a date night doesn't have to be without the kids.  

Oh, and go Broncos!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

10 Hot Easy Tips to Achieve Perfect Sexual Health

Sex Advice For Women - 10 Hot Easy Tips to 

Achieve Perfect Sexual Health!

Expert Author Linda Scheifer
Are you looking for proven effective sex advice for woman? Wondering what are the best ways to keep up your sexual health? There are many magazines or books for women out there that help and tell you how to be healthy through the use of exercise and diet.
There are diets available for just about any health issue. How often, however, do you see anything that helps you maintain sexual health? Let's look at ten better sex guidance for women to remain sexy and keep up sexual activity.
Sex Advice No: 1.
So what is the first and foremost sex commendation for woman? Utilize fantasy with your partner in order to keep the sex drive alive! Indulge in fantasy even if you don't have a sexual partner. Women who stop thinking about sex have trouble starting again.
Sex Advice No: 2.
Pleasure yourself in order to stay in shape sexually. Many women would have a better chance of having an orgasm with her partner if she practices more often by herself. Don't forget woman sexual guidance books and sexual toys.
Sex Advice No: 3.
Make sure your method of birth control fits with your style. If you're having sex frequently, condoms might not be your best choice as they have a higher failure rate. Talk to your doctor about your birth control options for better sex recommendation.
Sex Advice No: 4.
Do Kegel exercises. These strengthen the pelvic floor, which help your bladder stay up and your uterus and vagina to be stronger. It can also help a woman have a better and stronger orgasm.
Sex Advice No: 5.
Use glycerin-free lubricant. Glycerin is too much like sugar and breeds yeast infections in women who are prone to them. You can find them in the drug store. Just read the label.
Sex Advice No: 6.
One of the most essential recommendation for woman is to... watch female hormones. Hormones can be over- or under-used by women, especially around menopause. You should use the lowest dose of hemorrhoids that control the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause.
Use it also for the briefest period of time. Hormones may have positive cognitive benefits but if used in large quantity and for too long, you can cause more harm than good.
Sex Advice No: 7.
Remain healthy. There are many chronic illnesses that have sexual side effects, including women with diabetes, who can get nerve damage or vaginal dryness. Such women can have problems getting an orgasm due to the nerve damage. You can also stay sexy longer if you keep exercising and keep your weight down.
Sex Advice No: 8.
Practice experimentation is a vital sex suggestion for women who want greater sex fulfillment experience. Try using an ice cube on your lover or let your lover drink wine directly from your lips. Have sex blindfolded or tie your lover up with crepe paper. Buy a costume on the internet that is sexy and fun.
Sex Advice No: 9.
Don't forget about safe sex. Things like genital herpes or Chlamydia can really put a damper on the passion of a weekend with your lover. Use condoms every time you have sex.
Sex Advice No: 10.
Take care of your genitals. Be wary of anything that could cause harm, such as the G spot shots some doctors' recommend. They are unnecessary and aren't proven. Instead read a woman sexual recommendation book about the g spot and try to stimulate in manually.
Lastly, the critical sex advice for woman is to make sure keeping up your sexual health is as important so long as you want to have a good and active sex life for a long time. Sex is a great gift you'll want to keep for years to come, if you know the ways to take care of yourself.
Guys, do you know increasing the size and thickness of your penis are the true secrets of killing your women with the most exciting mind blowing orgasm? Click Here Now!
Ladies, is your men suffering from premature ejaculation making achieving orgasm difficult for you? Click Here Now!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Laughter and Orgasm Are Really Similar...and more...

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Laughter and Orgasms Are Really Similar
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  Wacky Wednesday - Weird Injuries You Won't Admit To
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Q & A: What is Metaphysics?
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Monday, August 12, 2013

Where Magick Happens...Flooded with Orgasmic Pleasure

This is where magick happens...

"In sexual magic, you create a trancelike state of consciousness by learning to relax in states of high sexual arousal, letting your whole body become flooded with orgasmic pleasure."
Margo Anand - The Art of Sexual Magic: Cultivating Sexual Energy to Transform Your Life

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Soft, Sexy Carpet

One from the archives of The Couples' Spot

Sometimes when you are updating your house you over look some of the things that might come in handy later. Carpet is one of those things.

When you choose a carpet for your house you need to think about other things than cost.

I know most people try to get the cheaper carpet figuring they might have to replace it later. I want you to look at it from a different perspective. From the ground up, if you will.

How much time are you going to spend on the carpet? Do you and your partner like to lay on the floor and watch TV or talk? Do you have children that just like to roll around on the ground?

These type of questions might make you see why a super, soft, comfortable carpet might just be worth the money. I personally enjoy just laying on the carpet with my sweetheart or my children all snuggled up with me. It also makes a great place to stretch and work out. Sit-ups are a lot better on a great carpet.

Now, if you get new carpet, you know you are not going to wear your shoes on it and this way you will enjoy taking your socks off and feeling the soft feeling on your bare feet. Lastly, what if you and your partner want to get a little frisky on the carpet? Maybe you fall off the bed, think about the feeling of the soft, warm carpet on your bare skin compared to the cheap carpet that is just put in to last so long.

If you can't afford new carpet, you can pick up a nice soft rug to put in the middle of your living room or bedroom. Which ever place you plan on rolling around on the floor. *Wink Wink

--Rob Alex

Thursday, August 8, 2013

What is Metaphysics?

Metaphysics isn't physics. It's a branch of philosophy that attempts to explain the fundamental nature of being. It examines the true nature of being and reality, whether visible or invisible. It includes the power of thought to create (the relationship between mind and matter), intelligent consciousness and more.
It is a form of spirituality, but it is not a religion.
There are many different spiritual practices worldwide that are metaphysical in nature:
  • yoga
  • meditation
  • even prayer
which can transcend religious belief and become the process of attaining unity with all there is.
The word comes from the Greek 'meta' (beyond) and 'physika' (physics) - the science of what is beyond the physical. Aristotle coined the term, but he credits earlier philosophers with the teachings that all things derive from a single first cause.
Much of what is taught in metaphysics cannot be understood by the logical mind.
You probably have your own metaphysical questions:
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • Why am I here?
  • What is reality?
  • What is my purpose?
  • What is God?
  • Is there more than this physical existence?
  • What is consciousness?
  • How was everything created?
... and more...
A lot of metaphysical study is done through introspection, usually meditation.
Metaphysics is above all a process of self-discovery!
Ultimately, you arrive at your own truth - no matter what any spiritual teacher may tell you. Even the Buddha said, "believe nothing, even if it comes from me." What that means is not that there is no one truth - truth is as individual as the way we each perceive the world.
Confused? Understandably! This is what metaphysics attempts to explain.
Or rather... you will learn how to explain these questions for yourself.
Metaphysical studies teach you some important concepts:
  • You already possess all the knowledge you need. It is within you.
  • You are connected to God, or Infinite Being, or Source, Creator, Consciousness, Energy, Force... whatever name you give the power that created everything.
  • Metaphysics will push the limits of your beliefs and allow you to explore alternative beliefs - and ultimately allow you to come to a truth that is pure and unbiased.
What does metaphysics teach you?
Metaphysics teaches you to be truly open-minded to new ideas, possibilities and interpretations. On some level, even the wisest of us is constrained by conditioned beliefs we don't even know we possess. Meditation and other metaphysical practices help us identify these conditioned beliefs and delete them.
Metaphysics explores the concepts duality and non-duality.
Our perceptions of the world are challenged in metaphysics.
To become open-minded is to be open to alternative perspectives and to look beyond words and our physical experience to the true nature of things.
These are the sorts of fun discussions you can have with yourself about the nature of being and the nature of reality.
Let your heartguide you in your explorations - your higher self already knows exactly what you need to be learning at this point in time. As you gain more and more of these sorts of insights, you will take down the walls of limited thinking, brick by brick.
And then, the understanding of the true nature of being will be clearer to you.
Metaphysics is a fascinating journey beyond the physical world. As you study its principles and ponder the questions that the logical mind cannot comprehend you learn a lot about yourself and your true nature in the process.
Julie Lewin is a world renowned authentic Medical Intuitive and Metaphysical Teacher and has created a unique healing system by using creative and spontaneous visualization. As well as teaching meditations, she also teaches how to live your authentic purpose, and how to live a profound life on her website - To find out more about her medical intuitive work go to

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How to Not Lose Touch with Your Sweetie

It is so easy to lose touch with your beloved partner.  In these modern times, it has become easier and easier to tune in to the television, your computer, your phone or your iPad.  This means you are tuning out from your sweetheart and your intimate relationship.  It may not seem so at first, but eventually, even being turned on by your lover will wane and become second to today’s media and digital gadgets and other things you fill your life with.  It is vital to stay tuned in to your relationship and to your partner so that you stay turned on by them too!  Only then can you work towards experiencing a long-lasting committed relationship filled with love and trust.   

Relationships are actually spiritual paths for each of us.  Your romantic intimate relationship is the most profound of all.  It will offer you a mirror for your deepest emotions, expressions, neurotic patterns (we ALL have them), love, compassion, and humor to be reflected back to you in some fashion.  

So, how can you reignite intimacy and sensual pleasure in your relationship?  And, if you still have it, how can you take it to the next level?

A Quick Note About Sensuality vs. Sexuality

More often than not if someone says to you, “That was a sensual delight.”  Your mind will instantly think “sex”.  But, sensual pleasure is really about gratifying the senses – all of them – not just the five physical ones.  You don’t have to involve physical lovemaking to experience your sensuality.  Delighting in the sight of your lover, hearing his/her laugh, smelling a special cologne, holding hands or sharing a massage, or tasting his/her lips are sensual experiences.  Connecting to your own soul, your lover’s soul, and your spirituality is also very sensual. 

Know YOU – Get Connected to Your Own Soul

Getting in touch with yourself, with your soul is the first step in reigniting or upleveling your intimate and sensual pleasure in life and in your relationship.  If you aren’t aware of your spirituality, simply focus on getting in touch with YOU.  Whatever or whoever you are to you. 

The easiest and quickest way to reconnect with your soul is by first recognizing those things in your life that simply light you up inside.  They feel like they are the wind in your sails.  These things can be anything: drumming; singing; teaching; hiking; swimming; dancing; laughing; making love; cooking; gardening; cycling; etc.  There is no right or wrong.  Only you have the answer to what makes you feel this way.  The second step is to make sure you have some of these unique-to-you things in your life daily, weekly, monthly.  Bring them in to your life as often as you can.

You will be happier and this happiness will feed into your relationship.  Share these joys with your lover.

Know Your Sweetheart – Connect to His/Her Soul

This will take your relationship to a deeper level.  Once you (re)connect with your soul – yourself, it is vital that you connect with your sweetheart in a similar way.  What makes him/her light up?  How can you support that and bring more of that into your lives?  If both of you do this and then share it together, you will discover a beautiful aspect of your relationship that you may not have been aware of before.   


Communication is key to every single aspect of your relationship.  Yet, not everyone communicates in the same way.  You may be able to talk about your joys, your sorrows, what happened at work today, what the dog did to irritate you, what your best friend posted on your Facebook wall and what is upsetting you in your relationship.  But, your lover may not be able to easily talk about these things.  We can express our feelings through ways other than verbal communication.  It may come through singing, painting, or drawing.  Of course, one of the biggest ways to communicate is through body language.  Be fully present and truly pay attention to your lover.  Listen – deeply – to what he/she may say.  Observe his/her actions or reactions.  There are clues and often, clear messages even if the two of you communicate very differently.

Share Laughter and Play Together      

Don’t take life or yourself too seriously.  Yes, of course, there are very serious aspects, but letting go and goofing around, laughing and being playful is a huge key to happiness and feeling joyful.  This will deepen the closeness between the two of you, which will ultimately help you enhance your sensuality overall. 

Laugh at the dinner table.  Laugh while brushing your teeth.  Laugh throughout your day anywhere and everywhere that you can.  And, for God’s sake, laugh in the bedroom!

Share inside jokes with each other.  Maybe they will relate to a funny bedroom experience or something completely different, but they will be your little secret.  People will envy your closeness.  Allow yourselves to be like two young lovebirds giggling and whispering.

Sharing more laughter with each other and deepening your intimate bond will open a doorway for the two of you to experience powerful, playful passion all day long.  You will be able to feel it pretty much everyday.  Draw upon it when something gets you down or something causes you stress. 

Continue to Learn and Grow Together

Continually seek new things to learn.  You can take classes together or pick up a new hobby together.  Yet, be bold enough to have new experiences individually, too.  By honoring and respecting your lover’s individuality you are helping the two of you grow.  You need to honor and respect YOU, your lover, and your relationship.  You are teammates, but you don’t need to stay attached at the hip all the time either. 

Step outside your comfort zone.  Oh boy, this is a big one!  You can’t grow and sustain a beautiful relationship if you refuse to step outside of your comfort zone.  If you allow fear (fear of failing, fear of rejection, fear of looking like an idiot, fear of???) to keep you within in the boundaries of what you know already, then you prevent yourself from the potentiality of amazing new experiences and from continued growth.  Staying in your comfort zone without learning to step outside of it (even just a tiny baby step) will cause your life to become stagnate.  Hmmm…what will that do your relationship? 

Imagine a beautiful flowing stream always moving and changing when the need arises.  Hear the gentle trickle and smell the fresh air. Now imagine a stagnant pool of water with debris piled up in it.  No pleasant sounds of moving water and a nasty stench to boot.  Would you prefer to continue gently flowing into the unknown or stay stagnate and backed-up? 

Put It All Together

Get in touch with you.  Truly know your own soul.  Dive deep into whom your partner/lover/spouse is and whom he/she becomes as you continue your path together.  Communicate on numerous levels.  Talk to your lover, but be aware of your other forms of communication – body language, eye contact, and much more.  Be playful and bring more laughter into your lives.  Intentionally and willingly step outside of your comfort zone so that you continue to learn and experience new things. 

These are simple ways to not only reignite your passion for your relationship, but for your life.  When passion and deep intimacy is sustained in your romantic relationship, your relationship will be stronger and more beautiful than you may ever have imagined. 

Dr. Janelle Alex, Ph.D. - Spiritual Teacher
Rob Alex, M.Sc. - Author or Sexy Challenges/Sacred Sensual Teacher
Copyright 2013

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Lovemaking Makes You a Better Athlete

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Lovemaking Makes You a Better Athlete
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Q&A What Sheets Are the Best?
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Wacky Wednesday - Not So Safe Sex
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Monday, August 5, 2013

Sexual Energy Connects Everything

"...creative sexual energy connects everything that exists, in both physical and nonphysical dimensions, and this energy provides the medium through which all things manifest."  
-- Keith Sherwood, Sex and Transcendence: Enhance Your Relationships Through Meditations, Chakra and Energy Work

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Silly Puddy - A Toy From Condoms?

It is claimed that the long lasting child toy of Silly Puddy was originally discovered from the residue left behind after the first latex condoms were produced.  Obviously the two items are not connected today as that would make it not easy to market either item.  

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sexy Challenges Branches Out (Sneak Peak)

As a viewer of Sexy Challenges Blog you are one of the first to see the prototype of our new magazine cover we are working on.  This if far from the finished product but it will give you an idea of how Sexy Challenges is trying to branch out and give more to you and your relationship.  

We are looking at bringing the first issue out in September of 2013 and the best part is that it will be FREE!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Express Your Love with Physical Intimacy (Part 8 of 8 - Ways We Communicate w/Lover)

Share Physically Intimate Moments

Part 8 of 8

 Physical Intimacy – I am talking skin on skin
contact.  Obviously, love making falls
under this area, but we should remember to consider massage too.  In regards to love making, it is my hope that
we all learn about our partners’ bodies – what they like, what feels good to
them.  We then know where to touch our
partners and in what way to communicate our desires – this takes time,
attention and practice.  But, when we
consider massage as communication too we can learn even more.  We can explore our partners’ bodies and while
we learn about them we can show our love to them.  This may be whole body massages - done naked
they just might lead to a little steamier massage if you know what I mean - or
this may be a simple foot rub or neck rub.
No matter the intensity these kinds of physical intimacy tell your
partner how you feel about him/her.

Janelle Alex, Ph.D. Copyright 2011

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Flameless Candles = Safe Sex

Okay many wonderful romantic moments have been lost due to accidents with real candles.  Thankfully many companies now understand this problem.  Thusly, along comes the flameless candle, and these beauties are now taking the romance world by storm.  Long ago flameless candles were just a flashlight in a lampshade.  Now they look, feel and even smell like the real thing.  Above is a picture or some of our favorites.  These beauties not only look real, but they can be used inside or outside and they have a remote control so you can dim or brighten the mood lighting from the comfort of your lovers arms.  Not sure about you but I am getting in the mood right now!  

Click the link under the candles to pick up these beauties for your next Sexy Challenge night!