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Maithuna Exercises For Lovers

If the stresses of modern life have left your married life dull, uninspiring, cold and in need of a desperate makeover, it's time to take action before it's too late.
Tantra is an ancient Indian practice through which sex, sexuality, awareness and pleasure become the tools to reach unity between lovers and the universe. One particular Tantric exercise, called Maithuna, is one important tool to experience a deep, profound and powerful union and intimacy with your spouse.
Maithuna refers to the process of yogic sexual union. In other words - the process of uniting one or more things into one entity. To prepare for Maithuna, the couple should prepare the room in a sensual and inviting way. Get out the candles, prepare some relaxing cushions, light your aromatherapy burner, put on some soothing music, and prepare some tasty nibbles. Bathe separately or together and put on some light clothing or robes. Take the time to enjoy each other's company; talk about the day's events (focusing on the positives!), complement each other and simply enjoy the moment.
The aim of this exercise is deep yet gentle union. Start by building your arousal through light touching and stroking of the lover. Men should visualize the Yoni (Vagina) in all it's majestic glory, and women should visualize the lingham (penis) as firm and hard. This further increases arousal.
With the man aroused, he should now enter the female slowly but firmly, making sure that the parties are facing each other. The ideal position for this exercise is one in which the man is seated cross-legged and the female sits on top of him, wrapping her legs around his waist. Initially the female should gently milk the man, and the man should move slowly. Do this for about 5 - 10 minutes. Now both parties should remain still and continue with an intimate visualization exercise.
Both the man and the woman should visualize red energy around their first chakra (or energy centre) located around the genitals. Imagine this red sexual energy slowly intensifying and then merging into the partners energy centre. Slowly imagine this red sexual energy moving up the energy centers along the spine, through the throat, forehead, and up to the top of the head. Visualize pink and gold heart energy moving from your heart into your lover's heart in a complete and continuous circuit. After about 15 - 20 minutes look gently into your lover's eyes and deeply connect with them. No words are required, as the intense feelings and union will transcend the spoken word.
Now simply rest, continue on to more stimulation or remain in this state for as long as both desire.
WARNING : The exercise is very powerful!
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Make This Year The Sexiest Year Yet!

Okay we all have New Year's Resolutions that flop after the first week.  This one, however, will give you the buddy system where you and your partner will both be working together to help each other out.  This sexy challenge will help you create a sexy new plan for your passion and romance for the New Year.  By this time next year, you will be amazed at how long your resolution lasted.  

You can get Sexy Challenge - New Years Resolution on iTunes, or for your Kindle or Nook.  

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Drop the Fast Food - Eat More Fruits - Enhance Sex Life

We live in a culture, here in the US, in which the average person is said to eat fast food 4-5 times per week!  Holy cow!  So, how is the affecting our sex lives?  Does it have an impact?  We responded to this question today.  

Most likely you eat fast food - so you should listen in now!

You are what you eat!

Get busy. Get spiritual. Laugh your ass off!

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Unleashing Your Everyday Sensuality

Woman to Woman: Unleashing Your "Everyday Sensuality"

Sensuality is the foundation for enduring human sexuality, a combination of the senses - touch, smell, sight, taste and well as internal energies and inner knowledge - that awaken in a person to fan the flames of passion for life and lovemaking. What does it really mean "everyday sensuality?" When one - man or woman - has unresolved tensions, arguments or hurt, it's difficult to be in touch with your spiritual and physical self. Stop for just a moment and close your eyes - can you feel your fingertips? Are you aware of your body, the press of fabric against skin, any ache or pain, perhaps the brush of hair against the nape of your neck? Is your inner self experiencing feelings of awareness and gratitude? Are you going on frenetic energy today, a combination of to do list and caffeine? Everyday sensuality is easily defined as being aware of yourself and the world around you, in a powerful and self appreciative manner. Let's explore this idea, and how it relates to your inner sex goddess. She is in there waiting for you to let her out, ladies! I am going to teach you're a few easy centering exercises in this article and the next that will help you with self-awareness. Men, if you're peeking in, you can use these too.
First, let's clear the air. The majority response to the first article in this series was from women who didn't feel that they had any sexy in them to speak of. We're all going to be unique, and there is no right or wrong. You be the very best you, your man will love you for it. For those who are uncomfortable with the topic...that is okay. This is safe space. We're talking about both the internal and external art intimate lovemaking in the context of our relationships here....and I might be a little graphic for you, but it's intended to help enrich your relationship with that one person that you love with all you are. If you don't feel that way about your mate anymore, maybe this will help. My goal is that you consider this a pathway - one of many - to feel more confident, appreciative and fulfilled in the life you lead.
So to the brass tacks: I don't look like a movie star, either. Western culture has "hornswaggled" us, as my grandmother would have said. Those women that you see in the movies, with the perfect thighs and breasts - who are all a size two or less? They're paid - handsomely - to be that iconic picture. You don't want that life....working out for hours on end, constantly being on a diet, subject to no privacy and every tabloid in the world hounding you. They have an army of highly paid professional image makers to dupe you into thinking its real - they don't look like that in the early morning light. Yes, we envy their thighs, but be yourself! I am 100% woman, and really proud of it.
That being said, let's start the bravest way I know.
  • Take a look at yourself, totally naked, in a full length mirror. I want you to look for the good, not to hold yourself up to the latest starlet. See that you are unique and beautiful!
  • Don't flinching. You're amazing.
  • Look deeply into your own eyes and say "I love you, just like you are. You are beautiful. You are confident. You are the only one of your kind." Can you do that?
Ladies, I'm a mom - and I have the stretch marks to prove it. I started out this way a few months back when I was in such deep, profound depression that I had to come back to my feet and find a way to love myself again. So I stood there, eyes still swollen from crying and said "I love you." I could barely mouth the words. Looking myself in the eye I made a commitment to not give up on the person that I no longer was sure of - me. I needed to love myself in a balanced, holistic way. How?
  • I joined a gym, found a trainer who cares, and set to work.
  • Tanning helped me relax, and increased my confidence.
  • I listened to Anthony Robbins as I worked out, and music that built me up.
  • I worked on affirmations, learned yoga and began to meditate.
  • I let the pain go, forgave myself and all hurt or harm, and remember nothing but love.
In that process of forgiveness, I became once again the powerful, self-confident woman who God created me to be - sure, intelligent, calm and confident and infinitely sensual. I love you feel that way? Do you want to?
Today, I do know my inner sex goddess - she was always part of me, but now I can own that sexuality, that sensuality without giving all my personal power away. I still need the man I love like a crazy person - I've loved him with every cell of my being from the first moment we kissed (a remarkable memory!) but I am a whole and complete person first, all on my own. Any clingy and manipulative thoughts have melted away into self confidence and stability. That's new. I am proud of my newly toned and tanned body not because of any image I'm trying to live up to, but because I like the way it feels on me. Did it change things? I like the way that my love spends hours fantasizing about some risqué rendezvous in which my favorite rhinestone encrusted heels wind up wound around his neck and his waist at the same time! I love the intimacy that comes with a simple smile, or the text messages that drive him wild. I love that I'm in his head, in his heart and in his spirit - he's really into us. More than you needed to know, but here is my point - it's the confidence that I have in myself that oozes out of every pore in my body, that surrounds me like a glow - and people notice it without thinking "wow, there is something about her....." Being promiscuous isn't the point - I am in love, big time, with one man...and he knows it! You can have that with your man, too...and the number of years you've been together can be totally irrelevant.
Everyday Sensuality
Being a sex goddess is about being comfortable and healthful in your own skin. It asks that you feel a balanced and real love for your physical and spiritual self. If you don't love yourself, if you don't respect your body, your one else can. I've said it before and you will hear it all the time...the first person that you must love to be in any relationship is yourself.
If you're reading this article, perhaps your one of the hundreds of thousands of women who thinks to themselves - "I can't be a sex goddess - I'm just me." We need to understand what we mean by "sex goddess"...I will be the first person to admit that I understand feeling like more of an ugly duckling than a sensual being, but that has changed forever now that I understand a basic truth - my sensual nature is part of everything I was made to be. The balance of my personal power is held in that unique female, powerful energy that was placed inside me by what can only be called Divine love - I am a woman. What could possibly be more important than being the sex goddess of my love's fantasies, and my own? This is the man that my world was destined to be joined with, the one that I cannot live without. I can lose myself in the blue of his eyes, on in the way that he's so beautifully tall and able to wrap protective arms around me and calm any internal storm.
Being a sensual person doesn't require the presence of my beloved. It begins and echoes through the person that is me. The greatest question that I received in response to "Inner goddess" was one of disbelief that an ordinary woman could feel like a priceless wonder of energy and love. A friend questioned the reality of spending hours in tantra like massage with her man, mainly because she was unclear on the point of it all. So let's start with the reason for researching what makes an everyday person fill with the energy of a sex goddess.
Understanding Self
First, you as a woman have both female and male energy in you. You're a perfectly designed balance of particles, infused with tons of energy that you may or may not tap into each day. When we aren't in touch with the person that we really are - for whatever reason (we'll talk about those in a few) then we basically release that energy into nothingness. If you're dragging in at the end of the work or home day, uninspired, wanting to nuke a TV dinner instead of something that you really can live on, you're drained. The chances of feeling powerful and passionate rank pretty low on your scale when you're sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Here is the trick of it don't have to feel that way. Change your state. Change your thought process. Releasing that whole and vital you that is repressed inside of you will empower you to bring your energy back inside yourself, to prioritize and clean your world of clutter - both emotional and physical. Your inner goddess is just a really snazzy way to talk about what psych people call "self actualization." It's seeking the highest and most healthy version of you. You were created to be a sensual, vital, intelligent, whole woman.
  • First, get a good night's sleep, the rise just thirty minutes earlier than everyone else in your world.
  • Find a quiet comfortable place to sit and in comfortable, preferably natural light, sit with your legs crossed in front you, back straight, hands limp on bent knees.
  • Focus your mind only on your breathing, deeply though the nose, out through the lips. Quiet the mind and begin to affirm yourself. "I am grateful. I am grateful for...." And begin to come aware of what in your person (mental or physical) that you are really grateful for.
  • No cheating - no thinking about work, kinds or even the love of your life - just you. Be incredibly grateful. Be incredibly curious. Give yourself the blessing of ten simple minutes of peace.
  • Center your mind, and be aware of your body. Can you feel your arms, fingers, breasts, knees and toes? Are you aware of the air touching your skin?
  • After five to ten minutes of affirmations, gently raise your arms above your head and stretch toward the sky. Breathe in on the upward, hold the stretch, and then out through your mouth in the downward until your fingers brush the floor.
  • Feel the straightness of your spine - and do sit up straight. Pick something outside of yourself that you are grateful for. I say "I am grateful to God, for my life, for my living. I am grateful for my health, for the chance to experience the journey of this day. I am grateful for my husband, for our friendship and love. I am grateful for my children..." I start with the most internal and then wind slowly out, allowing the feeling of gratitude to flow through me to every cell of my person. I have a friend that does this affirmation of gratefulness as she runs in the morning. Another does it in her study for prayer time. We all have one thing in common - we're all aware of that energy in us that we bring inside ourselves every morning by being focused and clear.
Spend this day being mindful of everything that you do. Things to do:
  • Be aware of the world around you. Lose the busy and the cell phone in the ear and really look around you. Take a walk at lunch, or spend some time at a window. What do you see?
  • Mindfulness is a chance to be completely tuned in and focused on what is happening in your world in the present moment rather than being in the past or in the future of "to-do." Focus on right this minute.
  • What did you eat today, and was it really good for you? Did you enjoy clean water or juice, did you taste fresh ingredients...avoid the life ending chemicals of the drive through window. Think green, whole foods and rich dense cheese or lean meats, even dark, rich kind to your body.
  • What does your body feel like right now? How is the air touching you? What do you hear, what do you see...what do you smell? What are the people around you doing?
  • Be aware of your thoughts, and their negative or positive energy. Instead of dwelling on anything, imagine that you cast it into a clear bubble and watch the thought drift away from you. Do not allow a thought to control you, but be mindful of your own reaction to your emotions. If you have problems getting your mind to settle down try this simple technique. Deep breath, close your eyes. Roll your eyes to the top of your head like you're looking out of the top of your skull and hold them there for a moment. Exhale. Relax your eyes. Repeat if necessary. You eyes will be downcast when you are thinking about something really hard, accessing breaking that cycle, your brain takes a break from the obsessive need to think.
What did you learn in your day of mindfulness? When you ate, did you experience every bite; notice the textures, the aroma, and the feel of your food? Did you savor the experience or find yourself rushing? When you walked outside, did you notice the sky, the sun or clouds, the wildlife? When you talked with people did you hold their gaze, notice their eyes, smile and notice how they react? Did you really listen, be attentive? Drench yourself in the energy around you, the positive energy that is life. Look at the miracle of the human race and be amazed, curious, kind. You're on your way, sex goddess. Life lesson: being aware of life allows you to actually appreciate life...not endure it.
Sensuality of Self
Being mindful of the world is a big step in the right direction - and being intimately sensual with yourself is another. Consider these great suggestions for your everyday sensual life.
  • Shower with fragrant lotion based soaps that stimulate your senses. Take your time in the water, and really exfoliate your skin. Use a great smelling shampoo and conditioner, and take time to massage every part of your scalp with the soap. Be aware of the feeling of the water and the later against your skin.
  • Before you're totally dry from the shower, use moisturizing lotion or baby oil on your naked skin. Remember to really touch those areas on the elbow, the knees, the feet...and don't forget those private areas that need your attention too!
  • Cover your hands and feet with thick lotion or petroleum jelly and wear gloves/socks for fifteen to twenty minutes.
  • Indulge in the "paws and claws" or a manicure/pedicure each month - and if that is out of reach for you, grab your favorite color of polish (clear if nothing else) and a nail file. Smooth the rough edges, scrub the nails clean, and consider using a cut lemon wedge on your nails for a natural shine.
  • Get a massage once every few weeks, allowing yourself to experience the total relaxation of touch without sexual communion. They can be expensive, but check into a package deal, or look for a school of massage somewhere near you. If that's a no go, arrange with your lover to exchange massage for the purpose of's a wonderful way to build anticipation. I've become an excellent masseuse.
  • Try something that you've ever done. For me, I admit to being a lover of rock climbing (we have an indoor facility and the college offers a special year pass for $30) and zip lining. I'm not above scheduling lunch dates for climbing with friends or the hubster. I'm off to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee in the next few weeks for a massive zip line adventure. It's amazing to feel the wind in your face, to experience the adrenaline, to laugh and be totally free.
  • Take a bath at least once a week. Do it right...pamper yourself! Imagine rich, creamy bubbles towering over a steamy tub. Make your own bath concoctions with a cup of milk, a splash of baby oil, and a dash of your favorite perfume. Light some candles and relax back into the water...of make it a tub for two if you're so fortunate. A bottle of wine, soft music and total relaxation. Be aware of your body, how your skin feels and how you breathe.
  • Invest in a yoga DVD or take a class. Yoga is amazing for balance and self confidence!
  • Indulge in fantasy. Don't be afraid to send your lover that text or IM that says...I am thinking about last night...or tonight...or whatever makes you both smile. Let your mind wander to the touch, the smell, the taste of your beloved. Notice how it makes you feel.
Once you start on this path, you will notice that you'll become creative all on your own. There is no right or wrong way, and there is no pressure for you to perform or finish by a certain date. The point for all of us is this: finding real love in this world is really tough to do. Don't let it slip away. We live in a society where relationships have become more about obligation and duty than a truly intimate connection...and if you have someone who is deeply embedded in your heart, you're among the fortunate. You deserve to be deeply and truly in love with your mate - and to have that love that you dream of for yourself as well. It all begins in you, and with your own honest love of yourself. Imagine your connection to your love as a strong thread of pure light that goes from your heart into their heart, no matter if your standing next to each other or if you're across the world. It doesn't matter if your in harmony or separated. Imagine that light carries all the positive love that you have to that person, and then return it to you in peace and in joy. Let yourself feel the wash of love and positive energy that your connection brings. If you're upset with your love in any way, see those tendrils of gray or dark in your connection, identify them and then set them free in forgiveness. To form such a connection is a truly inspired thing - it's the essence of being mated as souls - romantically called soulmates.
So, deep breath, pick up your own pen and write out what you want in life. Draw all of your energy into yourself and simply breathe. You love, and you are loved. It's a great place to start - and if you're not in a relationship at this moment, I still include you - you love yourself first. The person of your dreams will be attracted to you when they see you shine. Never set a goal without taking immediate action on it....if you're in love, tell that person that you love them, right now! Don't wait another minute to begin the most sensual adventure of your lifetime...there is no time like now! Be that inner sex goddess with confidence....everything that you need is inside of you!

Alison is a writer focusing on life, love (and all that comes with it), wellness and mental health. You can follow her blog at [] for new articles and other resources.

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Romance Novels are Super Sexy & Can Heighten Your Sex Life!

It is said that women who read romance novels actually have twice as much sex as those who don't read these type of stories.  Hmmm…  So, guys don't make fun of her sexy little novels and ladies don't be embarrassed!  Read, read, read…  Both of you can benefit ;) 


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While visiting Seoul, she's completely intoxicated by her surroundings. Jasmine dares to approach a mysterious and handsome stranger. The encounter leads to an unforgettable, passion filled weekend, but she soon realizes that nothing will quell her yearning to be with the man she loves. Will distance, ambitions and family ties keep them apart or will they find each other again?"

Emmy winning reporter Annette Lawless calls My Heart In Seoul "a great find."

"He stared in her eyes for a moment, and then he leaned over and kissed her. As their lips touched, he could feel the sobs in her throat vibrate through him. He felt her tremble when he pulled her closer to him. Her perfume smelled sweet, a delicate fragrance, that reminded him of lying in dew covered grass on a warm summer's night."
�2013 Sydney Arrison All Rights Reserved.

Photo credit James Leynse for The New York Times

Get Help For Your Relationship - You Deserve It

You hear the waves crashing.  The warm salty air brushes against your skin.  There is a gorgeous view being painted right in front of you as the sun sinks into the ocean.  Your heart pounds and you lose your breath.  You look over at your partner with a gentle smile on your lips.  

Sounds like a romantic evening on the beach doesn't it?  But, what if it really isn't?

Maybe the waves crashing seem to represent your relationship crashing.  Maybe the salty air stings your sun burnt skin just like you feel like your partner burnt you.  Maybe the sun sinking and disappearing seems to represent your relationship sinking and then vanishing - and super fast.  Maybe that smile on your lips is wistful and regretful of what could have been - what should have been?

Or….maybe, the whole thing was just a fantasy in your mind?

So many couples face serious struggles in their relationships - often to the point of needing someone else to help them attempt to resolve their issues and move forward together.  Seeking professional help is usually a last resort.  One or both partners are embarrassed and don't want to face a therapist or counselor…or they make excuses of not having enough time or that there isn't someone nearby to talk to or it is too expensive.  But, today we have modern technology that gives the opportunity to find a therapist that works for both of you - no matter where you are.  If you aren't comfortable going to an office, you can get help from the comfort of your own home!  Did you know this?

Not every relationship can be saved, but isn't it worth it to find out if yours is one that can be?  You have invested a lot of time and heart and your soul into your relationship.  Do you really just want to throw in the towel?  Or just live with things the way they are and remain status quo?  What if you split-up and carry hidden issues over into your next relationship??  

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Stop Planning For Spontaneous Sex?

Spontaneous Sex is amazing, but if you sit around waiting for it forever, what good is that.  .  Get over the need for spontaneous sex and start making sex dates with your lover.  Use the anticipation to build your sexual desire,  so you can both enjoy amazing  intimacy.  

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Drop That Sugar Cookie...

Holiday foods can really play havoc on your sex life and waaaay beyond.  

There are so many different foods typically in front of you at this time of year.
Should you just jump in and eat them all or should you use some self-control?

Enjoy a yummy treat with us and listen now,
Janelle and Rob - Your Sexy Challenge Heartbeats' Team

Dr. Janelle Alex, Ph.D. - Couples' Dream Therapist
Dr. Rob Alex, Ph.D. - The Guru of Getting It On

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Is Lovemaking Real?

Is lovemaking actually real?  

Well, first what is reality to you?  What is love to you?  

Your reality is not necessarily the same as your partner's or anyone else's for that matter.

Is lovemaking only about physical sex or is it about creating loving energy around you?

Listen now and see what you think,
Janelle and Rob - Your Sexy Challenge Heartbeats' Team

Dr. Janelle Alex, Ph.D. - Couples' Dream Therapist
Dr. Rob Alex, Ph.D. - The Guru of Getting It On

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cakes, Cookies, Turkey, Ham, Stuffing, Oh My!

During this time of year the majority of people travel to family gatherings to spend time with one another.  But, that also, typically, means a lot of food - cakes, cookies, pies, noodles, stuffing, ham, turkey, rolls, homemade mac-n-cheese, eggnog, wine, beer, and so much more.  Are you ready?  Will you stuff yourself to the point of discomfort or will you be able to simply enjoy your favorites in small portions?

Mmmm, but some of those colorful treats are really hard to resist.  This can be really challenging for those of you who need to pay close attention to what you eat for health reasons.  And, then of course, there are those of us who are either vegetarian or vegan and eating at other people's homes can be an even bigger challenge.  Is there milk, eggs or cheese in that?  Or you might get the eye roll as other family members don't understand why you won't eat the turkey, ham, leg of lamb or what not.  

Maybe it isn't at a family gathering, but all the goodies that your co-workers/employees bring in to the office.  Seriously, it is no wonder that people gain weight around the holidays.  It is far too easy to just say, "It will be okay … I will work it off come January."  Though a lot of people never actually do the extra work out needed to ditch the added holiday pounds.  

AND…if you eat like crazy and eat a bunch of sugary sweets, your sex life may take a nose dive for at least a few days.  What you eat absolutely has an impact on your sex drive as well as how you feel overall - physically and emotionally.  So….maybe you should opt to eat good and feel good!

How convenient as today's post is sponsored by Andrew Kissee - author of Eat Good Feel Good.  This book, available exclusively for the iPad (and Apple computers) through the iBooks store on iTunes is a fusion of simple, healthy ingredients in just the right quantities.  If you think that healthy food couldn't possibly fast good or fulfill your cravings, then these delicious and exciting recipes will prove your wrong.  Eat Good, Feel Good is packed with over 110 recipes and full color photos.  Check it out on iTunes!

Happy Holidays!
Your Sexy Challenge Team - Rob and Janelle

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Sex Drive Different Than His/Hers?

Recently we talked to Aaron Anderson about differing libidos in marriages today. 

Is your sex drive lower/higher than you sweeties? 

Then you should listen now! 
Janelle and Rob - Your Sexy Challenge Team

Aaron Anderson is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and owner of The Marriage and Family Clinic in Westminster, CO. He is the Marriage editor for The Good Men Project and also writes for several publications on the topic of marriages, families and men. In his spare time (whatever that is) he is secretly preparing to be the next renowned chef. You can find him on Twitter @MarriageDr on Facebook and on his blog The Relationship Rx giving great relationship advice without the psychobabble

Dr. Janelle Alex, Ph.D. - Couples' Dream Therapist
Dr. Rob Alex, Ph.D. - The Guru of Getting It On

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Why Doesn't He Answer His Phone?

You have been trying to reach him for the past two hours!  But, he doesn't answer!!  Where is he?  Is he okay?  Did he succumb to holiday shopping and is now trapped under a pile of packages?  Damn it! Where is he?  Why won't he answer his phone?!!

Ah, in our modern times we rely heavily on cell phones.  We expect to be able to reach one another pretty much anytime and anywhere.  And, we can feel really frustrated when our partner doesn't text back or answer our call.  After awhile we may even start to worry - did something bad happen, is he ignoring me, can't hear the phone???  

Maybe, right now, all the holiday hustle and bustle just wore him out and he is taking a much needed nap.  

Or, maybe his phone died?  Either he dropped it in the snow, ran over it with his car, or forgot to charge it up…isn't that his charger laying on the counter?  Hmmm…

So, try not to get too upset with him.  All of us can overlook charging our phones - which seems like we have to do a lot or we can leave it in the car or drop it in the toilet.  It happens.  But, most of all remember that it has only been the past few years that we could even reach each other so quickly and easily.  We have become accustomed to this convenience (or annoyance for some) and expect immediate connection, but we should consider it to be just what it is - a convenience.  We shouldn't expect (or demand) our sweethearts to be at our beck and call (literally).  Honor, respect, and trust one another -- after all, most likely he isn't not answering you on purpose.

Your Sexy Challenge Team

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Romance Isn't What You Think

Romance really might not be what you think it is.  It can be very different from person to person and we are willing to bet that most people don't look at it the same way it is defined in the Webster's dictionary.

Here are some key points of today's episode:
  1. The definition of "romance" may surprise you.
  2. Romance is for BOTH of you.
  3. Forget the chocolates, jewelry, and flowers…
Happy Romantic Holidays,
Janelle and Rob - Your Sexy Challenge Team

Dr. Janelle Alex, Ph.D. - Couples' Dream Therapist
Dr. Rob Alex, Ph.D. - The Guru of Getting It On

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Monday, December 2, 2013

How to Save Money During the Holidays

Buy, buy, buy!  Is that really what the holidays should be about?  Your credit card company might like that, but is it really what you want to do?

Here are the key points from today's episode:

  1. Don't buy things you really don't want or need.  Aunt Ethel doesn't need a pair of wool underwear.
  2. Indulge in Creativity
  3. Give to others who can't give to you…
Happy Holidays,
Janelle and Rob - Your Sexy Challenge Team

Dr. Janelle Alex, Ph.D. - Couples' Dream Therapist
Dr. Rob Alex, Ph.D. - The Guru of Getting It On

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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Online Dating Across the Globe -- Some Say Santa Even Did It

We recently heard that Santa claims he met Mrs. Clause through Internet dating.

He just hopped into his sleigh, sped into the future, opened his laptop, made a romantic wish list and ta da! He found the perfect happy, cookie baking, beautiful, full-figured woman for him.

Um, maybe that isn't what you are looking for in your love life?  Maybe you would love to find a sexy "pirate" - after all you seriously drooled over Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean (oh, sorry…your fantasy honey isn't a guy?? - then you were probably drooling over Keira Knightly in that movie.  

Hey!  That isn't Johnny Depp!

Here ya go…

Anyhow…have you thought about online dating?  That is actually how we (Rob & Janelle) met.
Yep - it is true!  Over 12 years ago, we met via a dating site.  Wow!  Married for 11 years :) 

But, what about finding someone really different and unique from you…you know, like Santa or Jack Sparrow.  In all honesty, have you ever considered dating someone outside your own country?

Well, guess what?  There is an international online dating site.  

This is very intriguing.  We recently talked about dating online recently on our podcast 
- listen to that episode below.  We admit, though, that we missed the international dating possibility…

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In this day and age of global interconnectness, it makes sense that one looks over the border for dating as well. Taste comes in all forms and sizes. The stigma of international dating ( has come off in the last years, and these days it is perfectly normal to date eligible single men and women from other countries.

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Stay Connected To Loved Ones w/an App!

Holy Cow!  Did you know…..???

Well, are you really surprised…it has happened.  There is an app that you can download for FREE that will alert you when your "favorite" people are on Facebook.  Isn't it amazing how things have changed in just the past few years?  Being able to connect and/or stay connected with those we love (lovers, children, parents, siblings, extended family, friends, etc.) has been getting easier and easier.  And, if have wished oh so many times that you knew when your best friend or your sweetie was online - right then (or when they are often), well, now you can have an app tell you!  You need to check this out!

Just a handful of years ago none of us even had cell phones - there was no such thing as social media.  In fact, few people had computers in their schools let alone their homes.  And, yet today the vast majority of us carry our "computers" around with us wherever we go.

There is a lot of talk about how people are losing the ability to communicate because they only text or use Facebook, but on the other hand - if it wasn't for Facebook millions of people would not be connected at all to a ton of their friends, family, old schoolmates, business partners, old-coworkers, etc. We agree that you need to be sensible and remember to communicate with those you have the opportunity to see face-to-face or even with an actual phone call, but if you know when to catch them online - on Facebook - you may have a lot easier time getting them to "chat" with you there and then figure out a time when you can actually talk or see each other in person!  Yay!

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Monday, November 25, 2013

Sexy Mood With Your Lover - Light Up His/Her Night

Change the mode and change your experience.  This Sexy Challenge helps you uncover a lot about you and your lover.  You will learn what affects your mood by using the five main senses: touch, smell, sound, sight, and taste.  Raise your awareness of what things act like an aphrodisiac for you and your partner.  What brings about erotic feelings and sensations?  Is it changing what you feel through temperature, material, etc.?  Is it about changing the sounds?  Is it about changing the lighting - there are a lot of unique ways to add different lighting to your lovemaking.  Is about a change in tastes?  What about new or different scents?  Each and every time you do this challenge it will be different.  This is an experience that you may very well want to repeat again and again!

Have you ever thought of taking a glowstick into your bedroom?  
Hmmm….sexy idea…seeing your sweetie's body in the soft glow of
blue, green, yellow, pink…..Again we say - hmmmm…..

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Love Brings…Energy - Van Gogh

Love always brings difficulties, that is true, but the good side of it is that it gives energy.
- Vincent Van Gogh

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

3 Things To Be Able to Live in This World: Love, Hold, Let Go

To live in this world, you must be able to do three things: to love what is mortal; to hold it against your bones knowing your own life depends on it; and, when the time comes to let it go, to let it go.
- Mary Oliver

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Get Him a Super Sexy Christmas Gift!

Recently, someone asked me, "What can I buy [Tom] for Christmas?  He has everything!"

My response, "Ummm, does he have a copy of Sexy Challenges - the compilation of the first 50?"

She replied, "No, but that sounds like an awesome idea.  I can give him a present that keeps giving all year!  Freaking awesome!  Why didn't I think of that?"

Challenges include: Become the Warrior; Cell Phone Erotica; Shower Magick; Oooh Christmas Tree; New Year's Resolution; Having a Ball With Sex and 44 more!

Sex can be just sex. The mechanics of it can be planned out and the outcome you desire can be achieved as a purely physical act. It is possible that this can leave you feeling wonderful and physically connected with your partner. But, what if it could be so much more? What if the pleasure you feel now could be doubled, tripled or increased beyond belief? Would you want to experience that? Sexy Challenges can take you to a place where sensual love and sacred sex combine to form an experience that lifts you to new heights. Your experiences can move beyond just the physical. You might be surprised to learn that each orgasm you share with your beloved actually contains the vastness of the Universe. Inside this exciting book, you will discover fifty sexy challenges. These encompass a wide range of experiences. Through the fun, laughter, communication, romance and passion of these challenges the connection with your partner can become more powerful than you ever expected. You can touch the untouchable. The god or goddess within you can be revealed.