Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cleaning Your Sex Toys

It is important if you use sex toys that you clean them after each use.  That seems pretty easy to figure out.  However now comes the tricky part.  How do you clean them.  Most people use simple soap and water.  Which is great for many toys.  However you need to check all your toys and see what they are made of.  Some times simple soap and water will not remove items in silicon toys.  Some toys are porous and will hold on to bacteria.  There are many sex toy cleaners on the market that you can use but again you need to know what your toy is made of before pick one of these up. 

Some toys you could run through the dishwasher, others need more delegate attention.  Needless to say cleaning your sex toys isn't just wash and go.  If they toy is going to be inserted into your body you need to know who your body will react to the soap you used to clean your toy.  The vagina can be super sensitive to soaps and cleaners.  Toys made of metal, glass, and non-porous materials are the easiest to clean.  Toys made of low grade silicon or plastics seem to be the hardest to clean.  So the next time you go toy shopping look for a good natural cleaner and read the instructions on how to clean the toy before you buy.  

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sacred Sex Opens a Gateway

Sexy Challenges can help couples open a gateway to the Divine and to manifest amazing things into your life.  Read on to find out why Sacred Sex Opens a Gateway.

Nearly everyone does it, has done it, or will do it. It is the single most important thing in continuing human life. It can create new life. It can be an amazing and beautiful experience. It can honor the participants and the Divine. It can bond two people for life. It can help one lift the veil between one dimension and another. It can kill. It can be violent and abusive. It can cause severely deep emotional and psychological wounds. It has been considered a precious and sacred gift. It has been considered abominable and evil. What could be considered all of these things? What could be such a paradox?

Sex. Call it whatever you like: lovemaking, intercourse, coitus, copulation, reproduction, relations, intimate encounter, fornication, joining, sleeping together, nooky, union, etc. Mind you, the words one chooses to talk about it will give some insight into his or her feelings about this often taboo, yet sacred, topic. When one has a negative attitude or set of beliefs surrounding sex and intimacy, it will be much more challenging for that person to intentionally open to transcendental sexual experiences. Believing sex is dirty, sinful and should be done quickly to get it over with makes it far more difficult for that person to come to the understanding that sex is actually divinely sacred and can help him/her experience the Divine presence, the Higher Self, and Spirit while in human form.
First, a person must come to understand and know his/her authentic self and be willing to share this authenticity with another person in a committed relationship. It is true that many believe that sacred sex, sex magic, and transcendent sex may be achieved and experienced in relationships that are not filled with love and commitment. Yet, having sacred intimacy and sacred sex in a committed relationship can transform the individuals' lives and their life as a couple - their blended spirit. Therefore, it is vital for each partner in the relationship to willingly become vulnerable and learn who he/she truly is. Only then can the couple experience true sacred intimacy.
Yet, reclaiming one's true self and being authentic with one's partner is not necessarily a breeze to accomplish nor is it the only thing that matters in achieving sacred intimacy. Depending on what belief systems have been created throughout one's life by labels, comments, and teachings of one's parents, society, culture, teachers, ministers, peers, and personal experiences a person may have very negative belief patterns deeply ingrained about sex, sexuality, spirituality and religion. Discovering that he/she is not alone in his/her thoughts or feelings may be challenging to learn due to the taboos on this subject.
Moving this forward further past the taboos a person will need to learn and come to accept that sex is energy just as everything is energy. Sex is not simply a physical act that brings physical pleasure. Sacred sex can have magical results and deepen an individual's and a couple's spiritual growth. The metaphysical aspects to sacred intimacy and the profound impact it has on individuals, couples, their blended spirits, and the WHOLE of the Universe is beyond our full human understanding, but with an open heart and an open mind we can touch our Souls and open the gateway to Spirit through sacred sexual experiences.
Dr. Janelle Alex, Ph.D. 2011

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Did You Experience Universal Orgasm Night?

Last night was the Sexy Challenge Universal Orgasm Night.
Did you experience it with your partner - wherever you are?

If you did experience it with your mate, then today you just might be feeling extra playful ;)

But, don't fret - if you missed it, we will be announcing another one soon!

Feel sacred and sexy today!
You deserve it.

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10 New Sexy Challenges!

10 New Sexy Challenges are in the process of being released!  

Keep your eyes open and get ready to enjoy amazing
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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Live Event - Awaken to the Magical Power of Sacred Intimacy

Is Sex Sinful?

Sexy Challenges is out to change this taboo and bring sensuality and sex back into a positive light!
Many have made it a taboo - don't talk about it, don't read about it, and don't do it! Really?
Hundreds of thousands, more than likely millions, of people have grown up being taught that sex is a sin.  It is considered dirty and should only be done to produce new life, and even then it should be done quickly and with extreme secrecy.  In some ancient societies, if a woman was raped within a town or village not only was her attacker stoned to death, but so was she!  One can only imagine that sex was considered so evil that the victim in such a situation had become violently tainted and should not be allowed to live for fear that she would taint others who she might come into contact with.  This is, perhaps, an extreme view of sex as sinful, but when the idea that the body and sensuality is dirty and despicable becomes so deeply ingrained in a society's perception these extremist views can arise.

Shortly after babies are born it is natural for them to touch their genitals. Unless they are taught that such touching is disgusting and wrong, they will likely continue to touch their bodies as they grow. I recall visiting with a friend of mine many years ago. At the time her youngest son was six-years-old. He was sitting on the couch and commented, "Mommy, my pee-pee hurts. It is hard. If I rub it, it feels better." Her initial reaction was surprise, but she didn't tell him it was wrong. Now, it is true that children must learn when/where it is appropriate to touch themselves, but teaching them that any part of their bodies are disgusting or dirty or that touching certain parts is disgusting or dirt is a very sad thing to do. Teaching children to hate or fear parts of their bodies or their physical sensations is the real sin. Yet, well-meaning parents or caregivers, who were probably taught the very same things, pass on these beliefs everyday.
The body is of nature. And, I ask you how is anything created in nature? The answer is sex - in one form or another. Animals must copulate to reproduce. Bees carry pollen from one to flower to another. Trees produce seeds in hopes they will become buried in the ground in an effort to grow new trees. Do people typically believe that animals reproducing, bees carrying pollen, or trees dropping seeds are sinful acts? No. Then why has human sexuality become so taboo over the centuries?
Thousands of years ago sexuality and women were revered. Yet, somewhere along the way that all changed. It is true that sex can be used in terribly inappropriate ways from rape and molestation to degrading pornography. But, sex is truly the most beautiful thing two people can share.
When two people are in a loving relationship they can journey along a path to join their hearts, their energies, and their spirits through sacred lovemaking and intimacy. Due to the fact that there are so many taboos and so many people have been raised with negative beliefs around sex, there are vast numbers of problems within couplesrelationships that stem from their sex lives. When a couple can move past the taboos, learn that their lovemaking is their business and no one else's, and create a safe space for each other, their sexual experiences can transcend this world and earthly pleasure.
Not only is sex not sinful within a loving relationship it is a bridge to one's spiritual connection. This is not about being religious. It is about connecting to one's spiritual self as everyone is truly a spiritual being having a human experience. Cherishing one's sexual relationship with his/her partner is one key to opening to divine connection. Honoring each other through sacred sex and honoring the relationship offers an opportunity for vast amounts of love and joy to flow into a couple's life.
Dr. Janelle Alex, Copyright 2011
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Picked Your Sexy Fantasy Football Yet?

Football season is going strong.

Have you picked up your Fantasy Football Sexy Challenge yet?

It just might change your view of how you play "fantasy football."

Friday, September 21, 2012

Sexy Challenges All Over

The story behind Sexy Challenges and how the sacred and sensual can be combined has been shared a lot of places in the last year by Rob and Janelle.  Here is a list of a few places you can listen to sacred and sexy, Rob Alex, M.Sc. and his beautiful and spiritual partner/wife, Dr. Janelle Alex, Ph.D.

Dr. Dick's Sex Advice: Sex Wisdom with Rob & Janelle Alex

Father's Over Forty: Sex, Religion & Politics (Mostly Sex)

Allie Theiss Show: Rob Alex & Sexy Challenges

Mona Magick: Sacred Relationships (have patience there were technical difficulties at start)

After Dark Radio Show: Awaken Deeper Intimacy and Desire

The Relationship Guides: Spirituality is Sexy! What!? (Rob & Janelle's past radio show)
**Rob & Janelle are hoping to bring back the show (or a new one) very very soon!

Conversations Hit the Road: Shhh...Don't Talk About S-E-X (Rob & Janelle's podcast)
**This summer was wild with our move.  Look for us to bring you new episodes very soon!

Rob & Janelle were also recently interviewed by Sexploration with Monika, but it has not posted yet.

Sexy Challenges on Dr. Dick's Sex Advice Podcast

Did you miss Rob & Janelle's interview with Dr. Dick a few weeks ago?  
Check it out now!  It was amazing.  

Join the creators of Sexy Challenges as they discuss the amazing spiritual path that is our relationship.   Dr. Dick brings out many different topics that you do not want to miss on this amazing conversation.  We discuss everything from visions during sex, spirit guides for couples, Inward Oasis, and the totally amazing Sexy Challenges.  Click the link below to check this out, you don't want to miss this.

Sexual Prayer

Many don't understand how spiritual sex should be.  You should honor it as you do many other things in your life.  If you pray before you eat, then you should pray before you have mad passionate sex.  If you meditate, you could meditate before you make love to your partner.  You can create rituals or ceremonies around your sexual activities as a way to honor them.  

It is my opinion that sex is one of the ways that we can reach to the unknown.  Whatever you believe, intimacy can be the gateway to experiencing more in your spiritual life.  For many, nothing feels better than making love to his/her sweetheart.  

So, it is okay if you want to kneel down and pray for a wonderful connection before you rip each others clothes off and make love that would have the gods envious.  

P.S.   For those of you that think sex is sin...Quite simply you are WRONG!

Get your Sexy Challenge - Sexual Mediation today on iTunes.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Universal Orgasm Night!!!!!

Join Sexy Challenges in raising the sexual vibration in our universe.  This will help Sexy Challenges open the portal and allow us the opportunity to help show how to combine the sacred and sensual into force in your relationships.  

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Glass Great For Sex Toys

One of the big problems with Sexy Toys is what they are made of.  Many of the cheap toys are made of materials that are not able to be cleaned properly or use chemicals in them that are not the best for our bodies.  Glass however is one substance that easily cleaned and not to my knowledge harmful to our bodies.  Plus the toys look really artsy and pure.  While the picture above is of a clear toy many have amazing artwork inside them to make them really a work of art.  Another material that is great is stainless steel, both the glass and stainless steel toys give a much different feeling than traditional toys.  For starters they are not soft, which can be a positive or a negative for many people.  The safety of these toys and the easy cleaning is a huge benefit.  Next time you are shopping check out these varieties and see you might just find that you love the feel of your new toyfriend.  

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Did You Ever Have A Crush On A Teacher?

Not sure how many of you out there have ever had a crush on your teacher.  I never had a teacher like the ones in this video, so there was not much option for me...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Quickies - Tracey Cox

It is not often that we promote another book on Sexy Challenges, as we like you to purchase ours.  However this book deals with something that is not my expertise.  I like my love making to be long and drawn out.  However I do see the benefit to the quickie for many couples.   So I decided to promote this book, Quickies - By Tracy Cox.  Below is her video describing the book hope you enjoy.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Jurassic Park and Sexy Challenge

Here is an interesting photo that Sexy Challenges took during our recent visit to Dinosaur Ridge in Colorado.  The Sexy Challenge image is set inside a fossilized foot print from a dinosaur that walked here millions of years ago.  I wonder will anyone find a Sexy Challenge fossil a million years from now?  That makes my mind turn....

Maybe it will spark a new Sexy Challenge issue.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sexy Challenge - Earth Wind and Fire

Okay it has been a bit since we brought out a brand new Sexy Challenge but here it is.  Earth Wind and  Fire is sure to bring the elements into your love making in a sacred and sensual way.  Once you experience this challenge you might start thinking about doing this all the time.  It is that powerful.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sex Outside

Many people have the simple fantasy of making love outside.  As natural as making love outdoors sounds it can be a little tricky.  You can always go camping and make love in your tent.  However I feel that most people that want to make love outdoors would love to be able to see the stars in the sky as they lay with their lover.  Getting the sense of showing your love for each other without the boundaries of walls.  Now it is possible to have a privacy fence the will allow you to accomplish this or going deep into the woods but those are not totally safe.  Maybe they should have some hotels that offer secluded outdoor space for couples to make love.  I know you can find places that allow you to make love outside but those are usually crammed with others doing the same.  I want to know if there are any places where a couple can be completely alone outdoors with no fear of someone stumbling upon them making love.  Please share if you know of a place like this so that I may pass it along to our viewers. 

Email your findings to: