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Where Will Sexy Challenges Take Your Relationship?


There is nothing else out there like Sexy Challenges!

When many people think of sacred sex they think of tantra and tantra alone.  Well Sexy Challenges takes a much different approach.  We love to share spiritual and metaphysical principles in our Sexy Challenges.  However, there is so much more!  We love to share the fun, the passion, the lust, and the friendship that help to create a well rounded relationship.  

Each of the over 80 Sexy Challenges that are on the iTunes and Amazon for the kindle are unique and exciting.  Giving your relationship something new.   Each challenge has several different directions it can go so that you can do a Sexy Challenge over again and get a totally different result. 

You owe it to your relationship and yourself to pick up some Sexy Challenges and try them on for size.  Believe me your lover will thank you, too!

Peace and Love,

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Award Winning Romance Novel

The Para-Portage of Emily

(Shadow Seduction Series Book 1)

Emily Macque, a young, beautiful junior partner in her father's law firm, is but a heartbeat away from love or destiny. Duty brings Emily to a frozen Island estate two-hundred and fifty miles north of Chicago. Devotion requires she delve into the property history to settle an estate probate. Death lures her into the arms of the shadows seduction created by the flickering light and dark shadows. 

What flames the timeless passions spanning the decades? Love, desire or obsession? 

Colin Jorgenson, once a Great Lakes mariner, is a strong man haunted by love and loss. How long will he return each night, gripped by desire, hoping to find the woman he has loved for a century? 

Beneath the pristine Island beauty, passions hungered, lingered in the ardent darkness. His passions, fueled by decades of loneliness and longing, could no longer be denied. Will they face eternity together or love in secret as dark things are to be loved between the shadows and the soul?

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hot To Be a Truly Great Lover

There is not much technique in learning how to be a truly great lover; it's more about sensitivity and mindset. In this article, both these things will be gone into in depth. From there, only working on yourself from a deep level will help you become a great lover.
How to be a Great Lover
If you want to know how to be a great lover, ask yourself, "Why?" If you want to know how to be a great lover so you can keep hold of your partner with your sexual power, this may be destined to end in frustration, or if it succeeds, it will be an unstable sort of satisfaction. The best reason to know how to be a best lover is because you take pleasure in pleasing your partner. Having this attitude is the most basic principle of the "how to be a great lover" mindset, and from this place most of the things a good lover does will flow naturally.
The "how to be a great lover" mindset is both a way of thinking and a way of being. If you want to really know how to be a great lover, work on getting in tune with your own empathy. Really feel your partner. Really LOVE your partner.
Sensitivity is a big part of the "how to be a great lover" mindset, especially for men, who are socially conditioned not to be sensitive in Western cultures. The best male lovers are those who have been able to get over their social conditioning. This looks like being more feminine, but really it's being more real. Some men have such a problem with social conditioning that they disown their masculinity entirely; this is not constructive for anything. A solid balance, however, between masculinity and femininity, sensitivity and strength, is what being a great lover really means.
Masculinity And How to be a Great Lover
Contrary to what a lot of "seduction" or "pickup" material says, women don't really want to be "dominated". Some do, but what really gets most women off is a DISPLAY of masculinity. It should be done sensitively, feeling her and loving her, and not just because this or any other article told you to. If you happen to be a feminine man, maybe you'd rather a women displayed masculinity with you, which just goes to show how dangerous listening to authoritative voices without question can be.
A DISPLAY of masculinity, then, is not taking over her will. It is expressing who and what you really are, or at least, what you feel in the moment. Sensitivity, again, is so important in knowing how to be a great lover. You love her and care for her; at the same time, you thrust against her powerfully while roaring like a lion and staring into her eyes with a flaming look of passion: that's masculinity. Not control. No women wants to be controlled. If you think about it, if you go too far with certain seduction community mindsets you might just end up being a rapist, and that definitely wouldn't make you a great lover, unless you like prison men. Reach for the "how to be a great lover" mindset instead.
Slowly, Slowly is How to be a Great Lover
Take it slow. A great lover isn't interested in coming and forgetting about it. If you want to truly make love, savour it. Take your time. Enjoy the moment, rather than thinking about the goal exclusively. Actually, don't make orgasm a goal. Make enjoying the moment and giving the most pleasure to your partner a goal. Make sharing love your goal. Orgasm is worthless compared to that.
Get deep into the moment. Really FEEL what you are feeling, SEE what you are seeing. There is no dividing line between hugging, kissing, massage and making love; take it slow and savour every part of it. Enjoy your partner like they were the most delicious sweet imaginable.
Be immersed in the act. Let your attention not only be in what you're doing, let it be DEEPLY in what you're doing. Kiss with such attention that every movement of your lips is perfectly chosen and responsive. Touch so softly, yet intensely that each stroke could make your partner explode. Or stop, and look so deep into her eyes that you both forget yourselves, forget the passage of time itself. If you can't manage this, start developing spiritually until you can. A simple breath awareness practise, 5 to 15 minutes every day is very powerful for this. You can meditate more than that, but consistency is key here and 5 minutes a day is actually excellent.
Personal Growth and How to be a Great Lover
A meditation practise will definitely help you in how to be a great lover. Actually, a lot of aspects of personal growth can help you in how to be a great lover.
Having more energy is always good, so proper exercise, rest and a good diet can help. A vegan diet makes your sweat smell better and your fluids taste better; while a raw vegan diet, particularly a low fat one, can give you lots of energy to be a better lover, more sexual appetite, more sensitivity, and better performance. Raw foodists all agree that the best sex is between two raw foodists.
Contrary to popular belief, meat lowers testosterone levels in men. This is partly because estrogen (a female hormone) is used in the production of meat and blocks testosterone production when assimilated. Meat is also the hardest food to digest, and the huge amount of energy used to digest it is energy you can't use in making love to your wife. Veganism is superior both in making you stronger and more sensitive. Steer clear of soy and its products, though.
The Way How to be a Great Lover
This is a path, and it's not a path that can be walked in a day. Still if you make it your goal to break free of conformity, question everything you live by and come to improve in all aspects of your life, sexual improvement is only to be expected. Learn to make love deeply and with passion, and learn to truly feel and to truly love. Express yourself, and don't repress either your masculine or your feminine side - don't even think about whether you "are" or are being either masculine or feminine. Just be.
This is how to be a truly great lover.
Lightworkers [] 'Connection: I help those who walk the less traveled path feel strengthened and supported in their journey.

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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sexy Swimming in the Moonlight for Lovers

Let’s Swim to the Moon blends the sensual power of the moon, the sexy caress of water and your intimate play in a way that will awaken your spirit. Each and every time you do a Sexy Challenge with your lover you deepen the power of your intimacy and the power of your love. Doing this particular challenge you will soak up the energy of the moon and return the favor by sharing your sexual energy with this lunar resource.

Friday, July 22, 2016

The Sexiest Motivation You Will Ever Find

Motivation is one of the most amazing forces in our universe, but did you know it is also one of the sexiest forces in the universe? Motivating Yourself the Sexy Way explains the connection between your motivation and your sexuality. Once you learn how your motivation matches up with the stages of your sexuality, your motivation will take on a different light. You will be led through the stages - both your sexual experiences and your motivational experiences - from anticipation to relaxation and all the incredible experiences in between.  

You will learn how energy effects your motivation in the most sensual of ways.  

"While the climactic state is an explosion of energy, the blissful state is an implosion of energy. " 

Motivating Yourself the Sexy Way is designed to blast you through the motivational process allowing you to understand the energetic boosts as well as the times when things stall. Knowing the stage of motivation you are in will help you stay motivated instead of giving up like so many people do. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Eat Healthy Be Sexy!

In Sexy by Nature, female health expert Stefani Ruper outlines five easy-to-follow steps that heal you and make it impossible not to love the skin you’re in. This book is a must-have for any woman who wants to be healthy, sexy, and free.

Women’s health is more complicated than men’s health. How often is this important fact given adequate attention in the health and fitness world? Almost never. To the joy and empowerment of women everywhere, Stefani Ruper’s Sexy by Nature finally delivers what they’ve needed all along to achieve their health and weight-loss goals.
Modern culture insists that the only way around female health problems like acne, PMS, and stubborn excess weight is to wage war against them with gym memberships, calorie counting, and restrictive diets. But it doesn’t have to be hard, frustrating, or an uphill battle. It can be the easiest, most fun, and most exciting journey of your life. How? By letting nature do the work for you. As a product of nature, the female body has specific needs. When those needs are not met, health problems ensue. When they are met, the body heals, energizes, and becomes sexy on its own. Sexy by Nature provides the tools and inspiration you need to meet those needs, to overcome health challenges, and to become the radiant, confident woman you were born to be.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Bring The Myths and Gods Into your Date Night

Years ago epic battles were fought in the Trojan War. Now, the passion and romance of that saga comes to play again in this Mission Date Night Adventure. Join the Federation of Relationship Bliss for Operation Trojan Horse. Join a cast of gods and goddesses on a course through history to defeat the diabolical Eris Strife.  

As Mission Date Night Agents your date night takes on an entirely new outlook. You will experience the fun and adventure of Operation Trojan Horse, and you will build an amazing bond with your partner while helping to stop evil in its tracks. Couples that experience and complete this Mission Date Night Adventure will be rewarded with a bonus training as well as a link to an intimate bonus training - should they choose to accept it.  

Join us as we go back in time to bring your relationship to a whole new level. When you experience a Mission Date Night Adventure you are not just putting the spark back into your relationship, you are setting it on FIRE! 

Now the question for you is, "Will you accept your mission?" 

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The X & Y Show

The podcast like no other!!!

The sexy taboo stuff, that’s on everybody’s nasty mind. Juicy topics that includes the strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, and the NUTS! Can ya dig it! No topic is off limits or left unturned! Come listen to an array of topics originating from the numinous mind of your host, while being butt-naked and unperturbed. Nothing escapes X & Y Baby!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Our Sexy Game of The Week - Sexy Truth or Dare : Pick-A-Stick

This racy game of Truth or Dare features 100 seductions that will heat up any couple's love life in the bedroom and beyond. The red-hot box comes with 50 sticks to be pulled one at a time, revealing a sexy truth on one side and a dirty dare on the other. The perfect gift for those looking for some naughty action, Sexy Truth or Dare is sure to inspire many passion-filled nights.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Penis Facts

The male penis is up front, right out in the open, and most men are very familiar with their genitals. Women, however, need a mirror and the ability to bend like a pretzel to see what they've got.
You might be surprised, but male and female sex organs have a lot in common. For instance, did you know we all start out as females? This happens because life begins as the X chromosome. If another X is added, the new life remains a female. But, if a Y chromosome is introduced, the development changes to male, and the female organs are transformed into male genitals.
The underside of a man's penis is the remnant of the vagina. Before the male sex was determined, female organs started to develop in gestation. The highly sensitive area on the underside of a man's penis, where the foreskin attaches, was the clitoris.
Let's take a better look at the beautiful penis:
The Corona, is the ridge of flesh that demarcates where the head of the penis and the shaft join.
The Frenum is a thin strip of flesh on the underside of the penis, and connects the shaft to the head.
The Foreskin is the roll of skin that covers the head of the penis. If the man was circumcised, he will not have this extra bit of skin to cover the head of his penis.
The Urethra is the opening at the tip of the penis, to allow urine and semen to escape.
The Scrotum is the sac hanging behind and below the penis. The scrotum houses the testes and sexual glands. It's primary function is to keep the testes at approximately 34 C, which is the temperature that sperm can be effectively produced.
The Prostate produces a fluid to make up the semen. The urethra duct is connected to the bladder, and the prostate gland squeezes it shut to prevent urine from mixing with semen.
Some fun facts that you might not be aware of:
1. The average length of a penis before erection, is 3 ½ inches.
2. The average penis length when erect is 5.2 to 6.4 inches.
3. The longest penis on record is 13 inches.
4. The smallest penis on record is 5/8 of an inch.
5. The average amount of semen a man ejaculates is 1-2 teaspoonfuls.
6. The average number of times a man will ejaculate in his lifetime is 7,200 times!
7. The average times he will ejaculate by masturbation is 2,000 times.
8. In a man's lifetime, the average amount ejaculated is 14 gallons.
9. A man ejaculates at approximately 28 miles per hour.
10. The average number of calories in a teaspoon of semen is 7.
11. A man is most aroused in the early morning and in the Fall of the year.
12. Sixty percent of men admit to masturbating.
13. Fifty-four percent of men say they masturbate at least once a day.
14. Forty-one percent of men say they feel guilty after masturbating.
15. After ejaculating, the average time for a man to have another erection can be from two minutes to two weeks.
16. A man can have an average of 11 erections each day.
17. While sleeping, a man has an average of nine erections.
18. Sperm have a life (similar to shelf life) of 2 ½ months from development to ejaculation.
19. Erotic sensations travel from the skin to the brain at 156 miles per hour.
20. Most penises tend to bend slightly to the left or right.
21. Lavender, licorice, chocolate, doughnuts, and pumpkin pie scents increase blood flow to the penis!
How To Measure Your Penis:
When your penis is erect, angle it downwards until it is parallel to the floor. Set a ruler against your pubic bone (just above the base of your penis), and measure to the tip.
Don't just sit on the sidelines and envy others with six pack abs. Building your own six pack is not as unrealistic as you might think. Go to [] and begin to create your own six-pack abs! Not only will you look better, but you will be stronger, more flexible, and have increased energy.
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Now if you want a more!!!

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Summertime Sex Appeal - How to Look Sexy and Cool in the Summer Heat

Summer represents freedom, recreation, and relaxation. It's also the sexiest season of the year. Many men and women will sit on the sidelines as spectators to all the sexiness that takes place during the summer months because they simply don't know how to be participants.
The fact of the matter is everyone has sex appeal, but not everyone knows how to dial it up when desired, or manage it with optimal effects. This article offers tips on how you can boost your sexiness level in the heat of summer.
When the sun is shining bright, and the temperatures rise, the number one component to achieving maximum sex appeal is optimal health.
I've been an avid runner for years and I can tell you that the streets are littered with runners attempting to get lean during the summer. Ditto for the attendance at local gyms. Being - and staying healthy - should not be a seasonal thing. Those who adhere to a consistent exercise regimen have a head start on increasing their sex appeal. Others will have to play catch-up. The benefits of consistent aerobic exercises, yoga, or both will set you on the right track with fast results.
Both men and women are subconsciously trying to achieve radiance in the summer heat. The extended, sunshine filled days keep us under a longer spotlight that exposes our skin (especially when we tend to show more of it) to greater scrutiny.
Because we've addressed exercise as the number 1 priority in our effort to increase summer sex appeal, we can now reap the benefits of all that sweating: the deep cleansing of our skin which makes it glow. Vigorous sweating improves the tone and texture of the skin which makes it healthy and radiant looking.
You can enhance the radiance by drinking more water and increasing your vitamin A intake, which is one of the most important components of skin health. One of the best places to get it is low-fat dairy products in addition to the following fruits and vegetables: artichokes, beans (black, red, and pinto), prunes, and pecans.
Once you have improved the health and the radiance of your skin, show it off! Summer is not a time for that plastered, ceramic look. Wear minimal make-up only to enhance; less is more in summer. Skin that breathes and is inviting to the eye, and soothing to the touch is the goal you should be aiming for.
There's no better time to take a break from over worn jeans than the summer. Trade them in for cotton trousers. On steamy days and night time affairs, upgrade to the relaxed look and feel of linen. Relaxed is the operative word. A stylish, light weight jacket or cream colored linen blazer is essential for evenings out. Be careful with sandals; opt for the sandal/shoe combo. They are more sophisticated and can be dressed up or down. Flat sandals are a no-no unless worn with very downscale casual attire or swim wear.
Also, women love colors. They especially love colorful personalities. What better way to create that appearance than by adding some colorful shirts to your summer wardrobe? Because many men associate pastels and brighter colors with feminine qualities, many men are hesitant to be bold and daring. Snap out of it! Summer is the precise time to be bold and daring. Colors enhance your sexual aura and make you more magnetic.
I can't say this enough: being sexy is all about being comfortable with one's body, and having a healthy attitude about one's self. Nothing you can wear will take the place of it.
That being said, if you are a pear shaped woman (which most are; smaller bust with wider hips) you can balance your bottom-heavy figure by choosing dresses that skim over the lower half of the body. Fuller skirts also disguise heavy hips, while showing off the waist. A fitted halter or strapless silhouette -- which accents a trim upper body -- is very flattering for bottom-heavy figures.
Hands down, there's nothing sexier than a vibrant woman wearing a sexy dress with a pair of sexy high heels. The combination (and the idea of a woman wearing only 4 items of clothing) is irresistible to men. High heels lengthen a woman's legs; making them appear taller and more statuesque. They also cause women to take more calculated steps which add an air of sophistication and confidence, in addition to creating a perched effect on their buttocks.
Recently there's been much discussion (or press) about the negative effects of consistently wearing high heels. It has been linked to a plethora of foot problems and knee osteoarthritis. The good news is that research has shown that high heels which are wider at the bottom than stilettos (the skinniest of high-heeled shoes), provide a happy medium.
One doctor, Dr. Maria Cerruto says 2ins high heels can help improve pelvic floor muscles.
Dr Cerruto, a urologist and self-professed lover of high heels, set out to prove they were not as bad for women's health as some suggest. Her study of 66 women under 50 found those who held their foot at a 15 degree angle to the ground - the equivalent of a two inch heel - had as good posture as those who wore flat shoes. And, crucially, they showed less electrical activity in their pelvic muscles suggesting they were at an optimum position, which could improve their strength and ability to contract.
Pelvic floor muscles assist sexual performance and satisfaction, and also provide vital support to the pelvic organs, which include the bladder, bowels and uterus. But they often weaken after pregnancy and childbirth, and as women get older. Dr Cerruto said: "Women often have difficulty in carrying out the right exercises for the pelvic zone and wearing heels could be the solution.
Long term studies aside, high heels should be worn in moderation (as much as I love to see women in them). Ultimately, if you are successful in adding summer sizzle to your sex appeal, just remember that the way you feel about yourself will create the sexiest allure of all. The healthier you appear to others, the more robust your sex appeal will become. Once you've got the hang of it, you can stretch out your summertime sex appeal for seasons far and beyond.
Gian Fiero is an educator, speaker and consultant who specializes in business development, career planning, and personal growth issues.

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Sensual Motivation from Sexy Challenges 5 Stars on Amazon

Now Sexy Challenges shows you how to use your sensuality to motivate yourself and your parter! 
Motivation is described as the act or process of giving someone a reason for doing something. This e-book asks if you are allowing yourself to be motivated in your intimate life. Most people feel or think that sex will just take care of itself. But, how many things in your world just fix themselves? Not many. Sensual Motivation is designed to let you take control of what motivates you in your passionate relationship with your partner.  

This book gives you the self-adjusting tools to bring power not only to your love life but, to your world as a whole. Most motivational coaches will give you a step-by-step list to reach your outcome. Yet, aren’t they overlooking that you are not like everyone else? Do they really think that one size fits all when it comes to motivation? We, at Sexy Challenges, want to honor your individuality and allow you to personalize your experience.  

Within Sensual Motivation you will learn how to blend your energy and motivation with your partner. Then, you will find ways to use that energy in all aspects of your life. Instead of us pumping you up with popular music and a bunch of cheesy words, we help you find ways within to motivate yourself. This motivation will come out in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual confidence. Sensual Motivation will allow you to be a more sensual person and experience a fuller life and relationship.  

Sensually speaking the motivation is inside you, learning to pull it out will make you a better lover, a more caring lover and a lover that your partner adores. 

Amazon Review:

Format: Kindle Edition
This book says a lot about the one thing everybody should have in order to achieve a more fulfilling and satisfying sex - enthusiasm.

Nothing is sexier than enthusiasm and, speaking for myself, that goes out more applicable to women. Based on experience, I haven't lured my man (or any man, for that matter) into giving me his all in bed any better than by showing him my enthusiasm. It's the best and perfect sensual motivation that transcends sexy lingerie, whipped cream and chocolate coated strawberries, dainty costumes, or even handcuffs.

Al the thoughts in this book are very straightforward and written in a very light manner. It comes as highly recommendable to anybody who wants to achieve more pleasure in bed in the most natural way possible.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Fundies Are Still Around!

This gag gift has been around forever.  Great fun to give to as a wedding gift or even for your parents on their 50th Wedding anniversary.  Sure to make the receivers blush a little in the process.  However, you know at some point and time they will try them out!!!

Fundies Description:

  • Cotton
  • Fundies: The Underwear Built for Two
  • Make getting dressed a little more fun
  • Half the fun is getting into them and the other half is up to you
  • Makes A Great Wedding Or Valentine`s Day Present
    Click here to get Fundies on Amazon!

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Conceive the Best Ideas Ever!!!

If you love Elizabeth Gilbert's Big Magic, you will understand this book even more!

Ideas - where do they come from and can you help foster their conception? Yes! This Sexy Challenge gives you some amazing insight into how you can grow ideas using your sensuality and sexuality. Many people do not understand how powerful sexual energy is in our world, but this force has the power to create life itself. Do you believe that your sexual energy, if directed in the proper manner, might be able to help you create the amazing ideas that are waiting to come into your mind? 

Conception of Ideas will start you on your way. You will be able to hone in on the creative energy that most of the time is wasted or ignored. Learning how this energy can help in your creative process is something many highly successful people have know about but have never shared.  

Sexy Challenges: Sacred and Sensual Scenarios for Lovers was born from this amazing sexual energy, and now we are helping you to experience the most fun and exciting way to create magic in our world.  

Peace and Love, 
Rob @ Sexy Challenges 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Two Ways To Decrease Stress That Are Better Than Sex?

Two Ways To Decrease Stress That Are Better Than Sex

Whether it is the time for finals or the final hours of married life, we all face times that give new meaning to the term stress test. There are numerous ways to deal with stress. Some can be dealt with mentally and others with diet and exercise.
I started researching the subject as a result of a study I read in the New Scientist. It reported that sex "cuts public speaking stress." The study by Stuart Brody, a University of Pailsey psychologist, actually has implications for many stressors we face.
The real world application poses a major problem. As far as finals go, more and more young people are maintaining their celibacy until marriage. If you are monogamous or facing the stress of a divorce, there are obvious reasons that alternatives are necessary.
As a Nurse I have witnessed the side effects associated with sex outside of marriage. The results are both life threatening and life complicating.
So what else can you do?
A better way to deal with anxiety associated with public speaking or any life challenge is through mental, physical, and dietary preparation.
Consider two examples.
Take a look at EMI. 
Eye Movement Integration (EMI) is perhaps one of the most effective methods of stress reduction and performance improvement available to our minds.
Simply face your head straight in front of you and don't move. Now look at and track your eyes as though they were following the lines of an imaginary Z that extends to all four quadrants of your visual field. Then trace a box around the Z.
Repeat this eight times slowly and consistently.
Many will comment they notice a sensation upon doing it the first time.
That sensation was, in simplest terms, the left and right brain connecting with each other. It does not hurt. It just feels like a sensation.
Stress causes a loop of thoughts that re-play over and over like a broken record or a CD with a scratch that prevents the mind to do what it needs to do.
EMI stops the skip allowing the brain to progress into problem solving mode automatically.
Negative Emotions vs. Positive Emotions
This one fact needs to be remembered. If applied in your life, it can change the way you feel about things. It is the most important aspect of practicing safe stress.
Negative emotions are preceded by negative thoughts.
This is important to know because negative emotions like anger, fear, and anxiety can decrease your ability to solve problems, make decisions, and reason on things.
The first step, eliminate or replace the negative thoughts.
You can help your roommate and friends do likewise.
If you find yourself or someone near you using emotion draining words around you, stop them and say, "It's not like you to..." then identify the action or attitude. It may take some creative thinking to be able to frame it as a truthful statement.
Do the same with your own mind. Frame everything you face as a positive experience and reap the positive emotions.
One person's failure is another's learning experience.
One person's loss is another's training.
It is up to you. How you choose to frame anything that happens to you, even if out of your control, can determine how you will feel. How you feel will determine how you deal with stress.
These exercises are better than sex in that you can do them any time of day or night by your self. They produce something within us that helps us to grow. Where ever we are and with what ever stress we face they are readily available.
May all your stress be good stress. If you're taking a final or speaking in front of a crowd, how ever you fare, may you fare well.
Jonathan Steele, RN is a nursing consultant and free lance speaker. He is host of a site to help speakers improve in their art. He is also an artist. His paintings, sculptures, photography and prints have sold around the world. You can view some of his previous creations at
For a couple more stress reducers

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A FREE Relationship Class For Every Relationships

Relationships are a vital part of our life!  However, Relationships are one of the most difficult things to master for most people.  People often fail to realize that they have to keep working on their relationship forever, to keep it strong and Healthy.
This class if for anyone in a relationship or that one day wants to be in a relationship, and wants it to last a lifetime.  
This course has 3 main sections which focus on keeping the excitement alive, speaking the correct words to each other, and letting go of the need to be right.  In just around an hour of your time you will gain some lifelong lessons to support your relationship forever.  
There isn't a finish line in our relationship to cross where everything turns magical.  The fairy tale that most people seek in a relationship is a process that takes team work and dedication.  My mission in this course if to start you down that path to having a relationship that others are envious of.  
The tips your receive from this class can transform your relationship and start it on the path to not just surviving but to thriving.  These tips can be used over and over again and can even be put into place in all your relationships.  Relationships with your kids, your co-workers, and even your friendships will blossom as you use these tactics.
One hour of your time as we mentioned above is all it takes for you to acquire the knowledge that many have struggled with for years.  With so many relationships failing now-a-days you need this course on your side so that you have the tools with you at all times to take a good relationships and make it a great one.  
I am not only teaching these ways to improve your relationship but I have lived them.  I have put them into place in my relationship with great success.  Now you can benefit from my experience and my hope for you is that you have the amazing relationship that I have with my amazing partner.  

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Harness the Power of The Moon In Your Life

While some say that love makes the world go 'round, the world is actually made up of energy. Hey! Wait! Isn't love really energy, too? Yep. Grab your romantic partner and get ready to go on a journey that will help you better understand three key energies in your life because when you do you will love the moon, the earth and yourself more than you ever have before. You'll discover how to connect to them, get them to work for you, and in turn grow a beautiful relationship with them. Moon Energy, Earth Energy, and Sexual Energy are powerful resources for you to become fully conscious of and tap into. When you allow the three to interweave together in your world you will likely be blown away by the synchronicity and serendipity that begins to show up in everyday life. Confidence, deep spiritual connection, and amazing success will be at your fingertips. Filled with great wisdom and a ton of exercises, ceremony and ritual, The Full Moon Approaches: Merging Moon Energy, Earth Energy & Sexual Energy is sure to cast a magical spell upon you, your relationship and your life.

This book could just change the energy flow of your life for the better.  Using these techniques you will see a marked difference in your life.  Believe me I am attest to that.  
Peace and Love,