Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What Are Your Doing At The Stroke of Midnight Tonight

Midnight, on New Years Eve is a special time.  Mostly because it is the transition from the end of one year to the beginning of another.   Which brings excitement to many people as it becomes a fresh start in the eyes of most.  Many couples find that this is a special time for that first kiss of the year, actually starting the kiss in one year and finishing it in the next is a powerful message of love and passion. 

Well, tonight we are encouraging couples to take it a step farther.   We are going to start making love in one year and finish in the next year.  Letting our sexual energy pass from one year to the next.  We believe this powerful exchange of passion, energy, love and magick will start our year off in the most amazing way.  So we invite all of you that are at home this year to join in on this fun adventure.   What an amazing energy will be created as the year changes this year if millions of couples are doing this around the world.  So, Help us ring in the New Year in The Sexiest way possible.  

Until Midnight you can also get a FREE Sexy Challenge from us on iTunes.

Positions For Fun!

Have you ever tried a Sexual Position that made you laugh more than excite you?  Well if you have a truly amazing lover this should be okay with both of you!  

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sending You Your First New Years Kiss

Okay New Years is a couple of Days away but we want to get a jump on giving everyone a New Years Kiss.  Hope you have a super sexy year coming up!!!!

Sex it up in 2015

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Sexy New Years Resolutions

Tis the time to make your sexy New Years Resolutions.  Do you want to get in better shape, do you want to have more sex, find the love of your life, quit drinking or smoking.  Well now is the best time of year to change your habits.  Our challenge to you is to understand that most resolutions are creating a more sexy you.  When the effort to continue these resolutions gets harder just remember how sexy you will be at the end of next year if you keep up the good work.  

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Monday, December 29, 2014

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Have You Checked Your Mood Lately

Change the mood and change your experience. This Sexy Challenge helps you uncover a lot about you and your lover. You will learn what affects your mood by using the five main senses: touch, smell, sound, sight and taste. Raise your awareness of what things act like an aphrodisiac for you and for your partner. What brings about erotic feelings and sensations? Each and every time you do this challenge it will be different. This is an experience that you may very well want to repeat over and over again. 

Morning Wood Is A Good Sign

Morning Wood is a natural process that actually tells your body that it is healthy.  Showing you that the blood is able to flow correctly.  Plus it is also nice to know if you partner is in the mood in the morning you will always be ready.  

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Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Sexy Scary Way To Spend Your Date Night

Time to put a little fear into your date Night!!! BOO!

Elderberries Improving Your Life and Relationship

Elderberries Improving Your Life and Relationship 

All throughout history, elderberries have been known to play an important role in the lives of many families. For those of you that do not know, elderberries (often known as Sambucus) can be found in the Northern Hemisphere and are well known for their many advantages.

Here are a few facts about Elderberries (a herbal medicine)

  • Elderberries are an effective ingredient in a number of all natural cosmetic products. Elderberries contain high amounts of Vitamin C, Vitamin B and Vitamin A. Making it the perfect addition to any all natural beauty supplement.  
  • Elderberries make for an amazing party drink. Simple as it may sound, elderberries contain some essential minerals, such as phosphorus, calcium, potassium, and a wide range of antioxidants. Thus, not only being a healthy drink choice but a tasty one as well. 
  • Elderberries help fight against the flu and your everyday common cold. Since the flu and common colds are contagious, if someone at your home is suffering from these ailments, you can give them an elderberry drink or dish for treatment and prevention. 
  • Elderberries keep your digestive system healthy and happy. Drinking or eating something made of elderberries improve your digestion by promoting the secretion of various digestive juices. In addition to this, they also prevent many different problems related to the digestive system, such as constipation. 
  • Elderberries are also known to increase one's sexual energy. Sex is a big part of every adult's life and the older one gets, the harder it is to get physically “ready” sort to say. As the older one gets, the more difficult, it becomes to perform. Elderberries are an all natural way to help increase one's sexual energy without all the horrible side effects of medicine. After all, it's so easy to suggest to your partner.  “Hey baby, do you want an extra piece of this elderberry pie?” or “hey sweetheart, would you like another glass of elderberry lemonade?”.
  • Elderberries combat cancer. There are many physiological reactions in your body that leave free radicals as by-products. These harmful free radicals initiate a lot of chain reactions, which cause cell division. This leads to information of tumors, which become cancerous over time. Elderberries contain a good amount of antioxidants to prevent the formation of cancerous cells. Thus, elderberries in drink or dish formation inhibit the onset of cancer. 
  • Elderberries can also help reduce the pace of natural aging. Elderberries in drink or food form can reduce various signs of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. Making it a great choice for anyone that wants to feel more attractive to the opposite sex. 
  • Elderberries, no matter how they are served, also have anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, you can use them for treating a wide range of inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis and joint pains. Thus, making it easy for you to move around while making love to your significant other.
  • Elderberries also have anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, you can use them for treating a wide range of inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis and joint pains. Making it easier for you and your loved one to move around freely in the bed. 
  • Regular consumption of elderberries can also neutralize the ill effects of environmental hazards and bad eating habits.  
  • Elderberries can also reduce various signs of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. Enhancing your skin texture, and making you look even younger and more supple. Making you more attractive to the opposite sex. 
  • In addition, elderberries can also improve your skin complexion, and relieve a wide range of skin problems, such as acne, blemishes, blackheads, whiteheads and more. Thus, making you easier to look at in the morning. 
  • According to some studies, elderberries can act as an effective shield against the Human Immuno Virus and help protect you against AIDS. 

While elderberries can do wonders for both you and your health, they are also quite inexpensive and easy to get. Thus, making elderberries one of the most well used and well-liked ingredients when it comes to both summer drinks and snacks. 

Friday, December 26, 2014

Thursday, December 25, 2014

A FREE Christmas Gift From Sexy Challenges

Too often couples get into a rut in their relationship. They begin to just go through the motions and lose their passionate sensuality - they lose the physical intimacy they had early in the relationship. Eventually, this leads to losing emotional intimacy as well. It is quite true that some couples lose their emotional intimacy first which leads to less physical passion. No matter how it happens this deep gap between partners is more than just troubling. Is there hope? Can this be changed? Yes!! There are a number of ways a couple can rekindle the spark and become emotionally closer than perhaps they have ever been. One of the ways to do this is through Sexy Challenges. So, what are Sexy Challenges? They are exciting scenarios for couples to experience new, creative, and fun ways to rekindle and enhance their passion. Each challenge explains what the couple will need and offers suggestions of places to experience the challenge. Not only is it time to discover your blended spirit, but it is time to reignite the fire between you or build it higher!

New Years Resolution helps you come up with a sexy resolution that you both can enjoy the entire coming year.

Happy Holidays From The Creators of Sexy Challenges

From our family to yours wishing the brightest of holidays.  

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

All Was Quite In Christmas Town Until...

Here is a fun short video my son and I made last year that I had to share with you.  

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sex Shop Pranks / To Funny

Watch this video and laugh your butts off!!!


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Sometimes Counseling Might Be Needed

Sometimes a little therapy is needed!!!!
Don't let the couple above be you two.

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Monday, December 22, 2014

Cougar Which One Are You?

  1. 1
    a large American wild cat with a plain tawny to grayish coat, found from Canada to Patagonia.
  2. 2
    an older woman seeking a sexual relationship with a younger man.

MatureWomenKissing offers reviews of the top five mature women dating sites with an objective of helping young men and mature women to find true love. The reviews will help both men and women find the best sites to start dating online and build a relationship.

A Tip From Our Favorite Podast

Conversation is an important part of any relationship.  Why, not combine it with another activity and enjoy two things at once.  

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sexy Shopping Spree

Sexy Challenge - Sexy Shopping Spree will have you finding out new and exciting things about your lovers. Sexy Challenges are designed to bring your sex life back to where it belongs. We give you a specific adventure to complete that will improve your communication and build your friendship, as well as get you both having fun in and out of bed. 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Sexiest Podcast We Know - Mission Date Night

Lipstick on the collar usually meant the gentleman was cheating, but in our case with Mission Date Night it could mean simply that a couple had a wonderful night.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Victoria's Secret The Most Attractive Place In The Mall

One place that always draws my attention in the mall during the holiday season is Victoria's Secret.  The store is obviously the sexiest place in the mall and I love to walk through the store and imagine my beloved wearing the sexy items inside.  Another thing that makes me very happy is the number of people in the store that are getting sexy items.  We need more love making in this world and Victoria's Secret is helping that mission.  I know many people think that Victoria's Secret is to expensive, but you get what you pay for.  These items hold up and don't lose their sexiness such as items from Wal-Mart or Target.   Plus there is an amazing energy that comes with putting on an item from Victoria's Secret.  It is like super charging the sexiness you already have.   Do me a favor and don't skimp when you are purchasing intimate items for your partner.  Believe me there will be a payback for you by spending this extra.  

Also on a side note, if your single there is not better store than Victoria's Secret to stroll around in.   You will get to witness some people that are focused on their sexiness and if your looking for a date this will help you find someone that is focused on being sexy from the start.  

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Bring The Sexy By Undressing Each Other

What do you feel when your partner starts to undress you?  Do you feel a rush of excitement knowing that love making is going to happen.  Do shivers go up and down your back with each button they undo.  What about the sound of your zipper being undone or when you feel that first touch against your bare skin.  Do you like it when you partner undresses you from in front of you or from behind you, lights on or light off.  Do the two of you kiss while this undressing is taking place?  All these questions might start to get you a little excited right now.  If so invite your partner tonight to undress you and pay attention to the feelings that we mentioned above and see if it creates a stronger yearning in you for the intimacy you are about to share.  

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Stupid Things Guys Do When They Get Dumped

Getting dumped is never fun but guys sometimes act really stupid when it happens.  


So if you get dumped this book will help you in amazing ways.  

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Tis The Season To Have Your Date In The Mall

It is this time of year that many people spend their extra time in the mall shopping for the holidays.  However, you can still have fun and make it a date worth of memories.  For starters make it fun.  Poke fun of items in the stores, be goofy and you might just find out that shopping isn't that bad.  You can also plan on eating at an interesting place and just doing some different things.  Our last adventure we purchased a Carmel Apple and have them cut it in the store and ate it as we people watched for a bit.   The funny part is that is what I remember from that shopping trip.  Can't remember what we have purchased but the apple sticks in my mind.  

Own A Mall

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

How Wealthy Is Your Sex Life?

How Wealthy Is Your Sex Life?

When we talk about wealth we often just think about money.  However, there are many ways to be wealthy that do not include a penny.  An abundant sex life is one of those ways.   When we look at our financial balance sheet it is clear if we are in the red or black.  Now what if you look at your sexual balance sheet what does it speak of your wealth in the area of intimacy.  Not you might think it a bit odd to keep track of your intimate adventures.   Sometimes you need to see it in writing to make it register in your mind.   My suggestion is to start keeping a sexual balance sheet for the two of you and understand that sometimes you might need to put in a little overtime to get your numbers back into the black.  

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Safety Is Important In Your Relationship

As someone that blogs about healthy and happy sex and relationships it is always important for us to focus on the safety aspect.   

While I would love to imagine that all relationships out there are full of happiness and bliss, this is simply not the case.  There are very bad things that can happen in both your sex life and your relationship.   As much as I want to create amazing fascinating relationships in the world I know that there will be sexually transmitted diseases and domestic violence.  While I don't focus on those things normally, they are still very important.  

If you are in a situation or relationship that is in trouble we encourage you to get help.  If you are unsure or scared that is normal, but trust us here at Sexy Challenges being uncomfortable at first it will vastly help you in the long run.  If you are unaware of where to get help contact us and we will try to give you some resources in your area.

Peace and Love to you all!!!!

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Forget Kissing Under The Mistletoe, Make Love Under The Tree This Year

The Sexy Challenge for you this holiday season is to find an interesting and festive place to make love to each other.   Maybe it is under the Christmas tree with the lights blinking and twinkling.   You might string holiday lights around your bedroom or put a holiday reef around your lovers head as you making love.  You could both get Santa hats and jingle all the bells in your house.  If you into roll play maybe Santa gets seduced as he is trying to deliver presents, or Ms Claus is determined to show Santa how naughty she can be.   What ever you decide make it fun and full of holiday cheer.

From Your Team At Sexy Challenges


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Monday, December 15, 2014

Sheryl Crow Brings Sexy To Leaving Las Vegas

Sheryl Crows song, Leaving Las Vegas is a huge hit but she makes it sexy!!!


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