Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Living in Endless Love: Unlocking the Power of Sexual Intimacy in Your Marriage


Living in Endless Love:

Unlocking the Power of Sexual Intimacy in Your Marriage

Finally, a complete and appropriate book on sex in marriage. Living in Endless Love is here to educate, uplift and encourage married couples in all things related to their sexual relationship. Sexual intimacy is a very critical aspect of marriage, but this crucial topic is often considered off-the-table for discussion. A lack of knowledge on the subject ultimately weakens the sacred bond that spouses share. In this book, you will discover not just WHY couples should have sex, but HOW intimacy can bring love into their hearts and their union.

Produced after over ten years of research, this is no ordinary book on sex. Instead, it is a guide to help couples revive their love and attraction and increase the unity in their relationship, heal their marriage, and knit their hearts together as one.

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Saturday, July 22, 2023

Good Habits, Create a Positive Mindset

Good Habits, Create a Positive Mindset

Unleash your potential and create a positive mindset with "Good Habits, Create a Positive Mindset." Discover the impact of habits, break free from self-limiting patterns, and embrace growth.

Overcome self-sabotage, conquer fears, and set SMART goals. Eliminate procrastination, boost confidence, and create a perfect routine through habit stacking.

Track your progress and experience lasting change. Empower yourself for a life of purpose and fulfilment. Your transformation starts now. 

Monday, July 17, 2023

Divorce Smart: How to Thrive and Come Out Whole


Divorce Smart: How to Thrive and Come Out Whole gives the reader leverage to incentivize the other person to settle. This might be information, money, or anything that you know will cause the other side to want to resolve the case, and more importantly, in a way that you want it to settle.

Divorce Smart will provide readers with a step-by-step guide to what is essential to help their case and save themselves time and money along the way. Trust me: "penny wise and pound foolish" can add up to tens of thousands of dollars when dealing with an irrational or vindictive spouse.

Readers will be better equipped to handle the divorce process after reading about their legal rights and options. Finding a middle ground that the reader can accept depends on understanding what the opposing side could contend about these concerns. This will assist the reader select their best and worst-case scenarios. Essentially, the outcome of the divorce will depend on which of the spouse's stories the judge buys into the most. Your goal is to ensure the judge believes that you have suffered unfairly. In its most basic form, this strategy aims to win the heart of the court.

As a former trial attorney, I learned that any type of litigation is a difficult experience for the client. Adam Weiss has provided a firsthand account of how trying the divorce process can be, emotionally, psychologically and financially, as well as advice on how to minimize those effects during divorce proceedings.

Steve Cohen


Friday, July 14, 2023

Sexy Boy


Sexy Boy 

‘Text messages, passion, and a suave carpenter with magic fingers... What's a girl to do?’

In a world of mundane routines and a marriage that's more snooze than spark, our heroine finds herself trapped in a never-ending whirlwind of housework. But hold onto your feather duster, because fate is about to throw her a delightful curveball. Enter Sexy Boy, the suave carpenter with a twinkle in his eye and a hammer in his hand, ready to renovate her newly acquired old house.

From the moment Sexy Boy first saw her, he was smitten—her radiant smile swept him off his feet faster than a runaway Roomba aka robot vacuum. And while she thought she concealed her hidden sadness, he saw right through her like a transparent window pane. But how to express his feelings? Well, destiny stepped in when she sent him a snapshot of the jaw-droppingly beautiful staircase he had crafted.

Seizing the opportunity like a DIY enthusiast at a Black Friday sale, Sexy Boy mustered the courage to suggest staying in touch. To his delight, she agreed, and their text message tango began. Each exchange was like a spicy recipe of love, desire, and a dash of mischief, turning their phones into portals of passion.

What started as innocent banter quickly evolved into a secret saga of romance and intrigue, blurring the lines between their virtual world and reality. Their stolen moments of intimacy became sweet escapes from the doldrums of daily life, adding some much-needed spice to their respective routines.

Hold onto your tool-belt as our protagonists embark on an electrifying journey, unearthing the depths of their desires and pushing the boundaries of their newfound love. With each text message and stolen glance, they defy the odds and create a love story that even Cupid would be envious of. This is a modern-day fairy tale that proves dreams can come true, even when they're tucked away in the unlikeliest of virtual spaces.

So get ready to be swept off your feet in a tale that will leave you breathless and believing in the magic of unexpected romance. It's a rollercoaster ride of love, lust, and mischievousness, proving that sometimes the most incredible adventures begin with a simple ‘send’ button. Buckle up and brace yourself for a whirlwind of emotions that will have you texting ‘OMG’ and ‘LOL’ all the way to that Happily Ever After…?

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Thursday, July 13, 2023

Fixing Avoidant And Anxious Attachment In Your Relationship:


Fixing Avoidant And Anxious Attachment In Your Relationship:

Attachment Styles Workbook to Stop Overthinking and Relationship Anxiety and Build a Secure Attachment

(Growth 3)

Do you always find yourself hoping and praying that your relationship will work while never actually taking the time to enjoy it for everything it is?

Are you someone who struggles to trust your partner, constantly overthinks, and ultimately risks pushing them away?

These types of feelings are common, but that doesn’t mean you should have to endure them for the rest of your life. What I want to do right now is show you that when you come to terms with who you are and how your relationships work, you’ll be able to break free from the underlying anxiety that always seems to be there.

If you want to get a feel for what I’m talking about here, consider what would happen if you gave yourself permission to stop worrying. You would find you have so much more mental energy to spend on the things you love in life, all while realizing just how wonderful your relationship really is. The real problems that actually exist become so much more likely to be fixed now that you’re no longer distracted, and quality time becomes more and more common.

Now, you might think this all sounds too good to be true, and for a lot of people out there, it is. What makes you different? I’m going to personally connect you with a resource that will guide you through everything you need to know.

“Fixing Your Attachment Style” is the only way to change what’s wrong and celebrate what’s right. I know you can do this!

InsideFixing Avoidant And Anxious Attachment In Your Relationship, you will discover:

  • What attachment theory is and how it came to be
  • The role of childhood development in developing an attachment style 
  • The four major types of attachment styles
  • Identifying your attachment style
  • How your attachment style impacts how you interact and relate with others
  • Why some attachment styles attract each other
  • Tools needed to change your attachment style
  • Overcoming jealousy and insecurity in relationships
  • Overcoming codependency and improving interdependence
  • What attachment styles exhibit codependent traits
  • Tips for building and maintaining healthy relationships
  • And a whole lot more!

One-click NOW will change your relationship! 

You can be anyone you want to be, and all within the confines of a secure, loving, and caring relationship. It’s all about finding a way to deal with your anxious self so there no longer feels like there are three of you in the relationship.

Let’s make the change!

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Fixing Avoidant And Anxious Attachment In Your Relationship

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Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Nova Terra: The Secret of Galeeza


Nova Terra: The Secret of Galeeza

After a violent and divisive civil war ravages his home nation of Ybardia, a mentally-scarred mage trained in the art of sword fighting named Deronis Narpaz, leaves it all behind and wanders around Nova Terra to find greener pastures.
One day, Narpaz helps a bizarre yet amicable old man who, in an act of gratitude, instructs him to visit a particular a fortune-teller who knows the whereabouts of an age-old legendary secret.
The fortune-teller informs Narpaz that, located in a remote and isolated mountain range called The Celestial Peaks, there exists a mystical mountain named Galeeza. At the peak of Galeeza, there sits the most fantastic Secret in all of Nova Terra, known only as the Heart's Desire.
He must hurry, too. The Secret only appears when the Fire of Life is in the sky.
Skeptical, but motivated, Narpaz is joined by the skilled and beautiful archeress named Greenstar who is also seeking out the elusive and enchanted Secret of Galeeza. They must be prepared, however, because the journey contained in this mature-themed, fast-paced, high-energy book will be treacherous and bloody.

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Martinis, Sex & Poems - Stir Your Fire Within


Martinis, Sex & Poems - Stir Your Fire Within 

Immerse yourself in a tantalizing journey of love and sensuality with this captivating poetry collection from author Cinthia Carolina. Lose yourself in a world of fantasy and passion as you discover the fiery-hot desires that lie dormant within you. With each page turn, you'll feel your heart race as you explore the deepest corners of the author's secret garden, where flowery desires bloom, and dreams become reality. These erotic and vividly expressive poems awaken your senses and leave you breathless, longing for more. So, come and experience the raw intensity of love and desire that pulsates through every word, and indulge in the ultimate literary escape.

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Martinis, Sex & Poems - Stir Your Fire Within

on Amazon / Kindle

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Monday, July 10, 2023

Dating After Divorce: D.A.D.


Dating After Divorce: D.A.D. 

Ready to dive back into the dating pool but unsure how to navigate the current dating scene? If that sounds like you, then this is a must have book! Come test the waters with our characters, unpack the complexities of romance after divorce, and learn some tips for dating after divorce. 

Dating After Divorce is a guide to maneuvering the dating world after divorce. In this book, L.A. Campbell shares personal experiences and provides stories on everything from how to get back out there as a middle aged man or woman to how to deal with the challenges of dating as a single parent. Explore a hodgepodge of stories that make you smile, laugh, cringe, cry, get angry, and feel numb. 

Be there through every swipe right, text message, phone call, hook up, and teary eyed moment as these men and women explore life, lust, love and dating after divorce.

Sunday, July 9, 2023

Everyone is Batsh*t Crazy:


Everyone is Batsh*t Crazy:

How to Overcome Adversity and Achieve Success in Life 

“The freighting thing about pursuing the truth is that all the lies that you’ve been surrounded with first must fall.”

In his groundbreaking self help book, Terry Keys provides readers with a refreshing perspective on personal growth and development. He encourages us to break free from the constant pursuit of happiness and instead embrace our flaws, fears, and uncertainties. Keys' approach is a departure from traditional self-help literature, which often focuses on presenting an idealized version of ourselves to the world. By acknowledging that we are all a little "batsh*t crazy" in our own unique ways, Keys shows us how to find meaning and purpose in the midst of chaos.

The first chapter of Everyone is BatSh*t Crazy is a deeply personal account of Keys' struggles with mental health. Through his vulnerability and candor, he encourages us to embrace our imperfections and acknowledge that we don't have everything together. Keys highlights the importance of letting go of the pressure to be perfect and accepting ourselves for who we are. By doing so, we can unlock our full potential and find true happiness and fulfillment in life. With practical advice and insightful anecdotes, Keys provides readers with the tools they need to navigate the ups and downs of life with grace and resilience.

Everyone is BatSh*t Crazy shows us that even when life tries to strangle us there is always hope. Keys reminds us that nearly everything is out of your control so worry less and smile more. By accepting ourselves for who we are, we can live a life of purpose and fulfillment. This book will provide you with the tools to stop overthinking, eliminate negative thoughts, break bad habits, reduce stress and learn to simply enjoy life.

Saturday, July 8, 2023

Suck It Up Cupcake

Suck It Up Cupcake:

Stop Screwing Yourself and Get the Life You Want

A better life awaits…
…if you could only get out of your way.
Are you your worst enemy?
Dennis was not an overachiever. Finishing high school eighth from the bottom, he went off to Vietnam to fight for his country. When he returned, at age 24, he sold hot dogs and donuts. Broke and depressed wasn’t how he wanted to spend his life.
He had two things going for him.
Dennis wasn’t afraid to work hard and teach himself what he needed.
In twelve years, he built real estate and other businesses and was worth over 1 million dollars.
This book is about fear, determination, self-defeating mindsets, and overcoming every obstacle that life puts in your way.
You’ll learn how to:
Stop waiting and start
Pay Attention and be aware so that you learn to know yourself
Use the Count Effect (Powerful concept)
Understand the Laws of the Association
Using the Power of Mastermind
Master the power of Deliberate Practice
Leave Valley of Dead Dreams
Use Micro Habits to accomplish anything
And much more
Designing the life you want is about learning to make decisions in ways most people need to consider. This book will give you insights and suggestions for the process needed to understand yourself.
It’s about solutions.
You’ll love this personal development book because Dennis speaks from the heart, isn’t afraid of the truth, and shows you the path.

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Friday, July 7, 2023

Self-Love Workbook for Midlife Women:


If you’ve always wanted to blossom into a powerful woman FULL of self-love, but can’t seem to overcome the doubt and stress, keep reading…

Are you tired of living exactly the same as you did in your 20s? Do you have unfulfilled desires for your love life, career, finances, and self-worth? Or maybe you feel stuck, unable to grow out of your current situation and into the woman you want to be…

You may have even tried dozens of so-called solutions, but finally want to say goodbye to self-doubt, toxicity, and everything that’s holding you back…

If so, this book was written for you. 

You see, becoming a midlife woman full of love, pride, and self-worth doesn’t have to be difficult…

Even if you’ve tried support groups, generic self-help books, or extreme lifestyle changes… there’s one thing those options all do wrong…

They overcomplicate everything, but the truth is that it’s much easier than you think to grow.

Amazon Best-selling author and self-loving midlife woman Marcee A Martin provides a simplified, step-by-step blueprint to growth, self-love, and achievement, without spending years failing to unlock your true potential, struggling to be who you deserve to be.

In the Self Love Workbook for Midlife Women, you will:

  • Conquer the biggest mistakes midlife women make that prevent self-love.
  • Engage in life-changing exercises to finally overcome the doubt that’s been holding you from realizing the greatest potential in your career!
  • Achieve clarity in all areas of your life by working through all unresolved issues and finally letting them go.
  • Fulfill your dreams and desires by discovering the best ways to release toxicity every day in your life!
  • Discover new things you should know about womanhood to emerge into the best version of yourself.
  • Master the secrets of self-love to enjoy your midlife journey without the burden of stress, anxiety, or depression!
  • Walk in the shoes of other women with similar challenges and be amazed at their transformation.
  • Create a new daily self-care routine that will keep you balanced, focused, inspired, and energized every day!
  • Learn everything you need to know about emotional self-care and become your own best friend!
  • Increase your self-esteem to healthy and beat the negative factors associated with midlife.
  • …And so much more!!

Just imagine how you’ll feel once you blossom into the powerful, self-loving woman you’ve always wanted to be, and how everything in your life will improve.

Even if you’re working 50-hour weeks, taking care of kids, or having a midlife crisis, you can quickly become the powerful woman you’ve always wanted to be with the Self Love Workbook for Midlife Women.

If you’re ready to unlock your potential and achieve powerful self-love, grab this book TODAY!

Thursday, July 6, 2023

The Alpha's Exiled Mate


  • The Alpha’s Exiled Mate is a post-apocalyptic werewolf romance.

  • Genetically engineered to survive the harsh elements of an unknown global disaster, the wolf shifters have no idea of the truth behind their origins. As their numbers are dwindling, and their females disappear, the seven packs need to figure out a way to work together, or they will become extinct as well. 

  • One devious Alpha devised a plan to take over all the packs, and in a single night over thirty moons ago, set in motion a sequence of events that would inevitably place him in power. 

  • Limited by how much she can intervene and short on time, Selene, the Moon Goddess, alters one event with the goal of creating a butterfly effect that could save her children and bring the wolf-shifter nation to its glory. 

  • Mary Curran is the first-born Alpha child and heir apparent of the peaceful North Summit Tribe. Mary’s comfortable life came to an end when she was exiled from her tribe and forced to live among the untamed lands in the South.

  • Alone and in over her head, trouble finds Mary wherever she goes. 

  • Luckily, Mary meets Luka Hardin before anything too serious befalls her. 

  • Luka and Mary immediately feel the attraction that is just under the surface of their perceived disdain. Refusing to believe that they were meant for each other, they do everything they can to push the other away until the pull becomes too tempting to ignore. 

  • The Alpha’s Exiled Mate is a blend of romance, fantasy, science fiction, drama, and steamy scenes that make reading this gripping novel enjoyable.


  • She is mine. 

  • Mary's body molds against me perfectly. Every soft curve complimenting my hard lines. The smooth creaminess of her exposed flesh contrasts my tanned, weather-beaten skin, and I want to feel every delicate fingerbreadth of her as I can. 

  • I half expected her to pull away, but the longer I held her to me, the more I felt her relax into my embrace. Neither of us said anything, but our hearts were pounding; each beat a call and response. She was made for me. I don't know how or why, but she belongs to me, and I will kill any shifter who tries to take her away. 

  • Even if it is her fated mate. 

  • Especially if it is her fated mate.

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