Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Podcast You Have To Listen Too

Mission Date Night is obliterating relationship myths around the globe.  
  • You’ll have more fun, laughter, romance, intimacy + friendship in your life w/this exciting show. 
  • Rob, Janelle + other special forces experts bring you tips + advice to create the relationship of your dreams.  

It’s intimate.
It’s fun + playful. 
It’s spiritual + metaphysical.
It’s sexy. 
It’s magic!  

Friday, September 25, 2015

What is College Life Really Like?

You know the brochures you get about college are nice.  They have amazing pictures show all the great features of the school and make you want to be in that picture.  However, what if you had the real inside scoop to what college life was like.  The movie, Animal House, was one built around the incoming freshman having no idea what to expect.  They quickly learned that college life wasn't like the brochures and that they education was more than just reading books, taking notes, and making grades.   

Now if you want to understand more about college before you attend a specific university why not talk to the professionals, no not the councilors, let's talk to the students.

Get to know you College before you go!

Admitopia is an education company that provides advice on dating and relationships for college students. 

Visit our posts here

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sexy Spatulas That Are Good For Both Cooking And Spanking! Oh My

Modern style, solid construction, and ultimate usability are just a few reasons why these spatulas will be your new favorite kitchen tool. They are made From the Highest Quality Silicone, That Meet The Needs Of Home Cook And Chefs.


Why not cook with sexy cookware instead of with those that make you look like a novice!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

FREE gift for all NFL Fans - You Are Valuable

Sexy Challenges and Mission Date Night Celebrate NFL Fans

We want to give all the great NFL fans out there a free gift.  We know how valuable you are to your teams and how dedicated you are to your teams.  We want to celebrate that energy by giving you a FREE Mission Date Night Adventure for you and your sweetie for a night when football isn't on!  Cheer on my fellow NFL fans you are appreciated.  

Monday, September 21, 2015

Women Football Fans Are More Aggressive in Bed

Photo from NFL Boudoir shoot Pinterest site

NFL season is in full swing now and there have been many interesting things develop during the season.  However, we have a little bit of knowledge that we would like to pass along.  It seems that women who enjoy football are more likely to be more aggressive in the bedroom.  Maybe the adrenaline rush of the game is good for the libido also.  Whatever it is about the game that brings out the triggers in these women, is making their partners smile from ear to ear.   So maybe, if your partner isn't a football fan already you should introduce them to the game.  That way the scoring can go on at home after the game is over.   
With that being said we want to introduce you to our line of Sexy Challenges so the game can go on and on and on.

Now you can bring some more ball action into your post game show.  Click the links below to get Sexy Challenges - Having A Ball With Sex

BatDad Stopping Crime In The House

Okay if you haven't seen BatDad yet you are missing something.  So I am having to share it here.  What would happen if Batman had children?  These videos answer that questions.  However, BatDad's wife Jen might needs some therapy after her constant appearances in these videos.

Jen someone needs to buy you a cup of Coffee.

Like coffee? Consider Seagull Coffee of Edmonds, WA specializing organic coffee. Organic coffee is produced without the aid of artificial chemical substances, such as certain additives or some pesticides and herbicides. In other words Organic Coffee is a lot better for you. 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Stop Procrastinating and Create The Life You Want

I had to share this amazing book with everyone out there.  This man, Bill Cortright, is a role model he has been in the position you are in and come out smiling.  His amazing insight is just want you need to get started creating the life you want!!!

Have you ever bought a book and never read it? Space how do you spend money on courses you've never used? Have you lost weight only to gain it back? Are you tired of procrastinating and sabotaging your efforts? I have the answer for you in my new book there's a science behind success I am giving this book free for the next few days I promise it will change your life

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Service We Are Using As An Author

Authors Talk About It has released an amazing package to help promote your book.  It is unbelievable how much you get for you money with these packages.  Authors are paying 1000's of dollars for similar packages like this without the love and care that Authors Talk About It give you.  It is my opinion that these packages are ones you seriously need to check out.  As authors we need all the help we can get and these packages hit the mark to allow you more time to do more of what you love....write. 

Here is the link to this amazing offer.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Wearing Something Sexy and Spiritual

Okay many of you know that Sexy Challenges takes a very metaphysical approach to our relationships.  We love to bring the sacred into our passion and intimate life also.  Well we have found something that really takes the cake and allows us to be sexy and spiritual at the same time. 
Follow the links below to gain access and to see other great spiritual jewelry.  Experience the power of ancient energy today and forever.   

Feng Shui jewelry and Tibetan thangka pendant necklaces for sale at

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Have You Been To The Church of Sexual Energy Yet?

Here is today's sermon from The Church of Sexual Energy where we encourage you to honor your partners body as a temple.  

You can witness the Church of Sexual Energy every Sunday Morning at 9am EST on Periscope

Saturday, September 12, 2015

This Sexy Challenge Will Set Things On Fire

As you create sexual energy it will simultaneously discover things around you to attach itself to. Whether your intimate items – lingerie, underwear, panties – are still on your body or tossed on the floor, your sexual energy will be drawn to them. These intimate items become a home to some of the most powerful energy in the universe. After awhile these items become so filled with sexual energy that they need a way to release it into the world. That is the point of Sexy Challenge - Lingerie on Fire. 
How can you help these intimate objects release that energy and prepare other items to absorb new sexual energy as you and your lover create it? The answer lies in this challenge. Once you learn the secrets to this power you’ll improve more than just the collection of your sexual energy. Your entire life will begin to transform for the better. You might see your relationship improve. You’ll become more confident. In fact, there will be a sense of power behind everything you do because your sexual energy is flowing free.  
Releasing and redirecting the flow of sexual energy is a team effort. This challenge will help you and your partner create a steady flow of energy moving out and powerfully back into your life. 
Once you get into the flow of your sexual energy by learning how to release and recapture it within your intimate apparel, you will become a magnet for abundance in many forms in your life. The 1960s was a time to burn bras as a sign of peace and freedom. Now is a time to set your lingerie on fire in a way that creates abundance, power, excitement, love and yes…freedom.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Periscope Up!!!

Have you checked out our periscope yet?  We do one every morning at 9am EST.  We talked about different aspects of love, relationships, passion, and sex on the show.  However we have a couple of special treats on Wednesday we have Vinnie Nippletwist - The Crazy Workout Guy who brings you the strangest ways to keep yourself in shape.  Then on Sundays we let you attend, The Church of Sexual Energy where we get a little metaphysical about worshiping the booty.   So you are getting lots of great information form us only on Periscope.  So spread the word and help us spread the love. 

Now you can get trapped in a fantasy!!!

Book One of a Curiously True Trilogy: Trapped in a Fantasy: A Strong Desire Meets a Stranger

When recently divorced Karlee Christopher, a successful Midwest business consultant, solicits for a casual encounter on the internet and travels across the country to meet her selected candidate, she apprehensively steps into a risky and potentially dangerous night that will forever alter her life as a woman. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Time To Moon Someone

Are you ready for the Full Moon because it's coming.  Pre-order now and be prepared to get the exercise and ceremonies that are designed to help you connect in the most amazing way.  This book is powerful and not to be missed.  Rob and Janelle have put together a wonderful way for you to bring the moon closer than ever.

Pre-Order on the Following Platforms.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Foreplay - Spice Up Sex Life : The Game/App for Couples

Foreplay - Spice Up Sex Life

Break away from ordinary routine and add fun and spice to your sex life. Roll the dice to move around the gameboard as it takes you and your partner through dizzying array of sensual thrills. Let this game bring your most intimate fantasies to life.
• Pick out of romantic, sensual and erotic cards or mix them up
• Add your own cards to live your most intimate fantasies
• Use pass code protection to restrict access
• Does not contain videos or sexually explicit pictures
• Designed to be enjoyed by two players of any sexual preference
• Progresses from innocent, playful foreplay to hot, intimate love making
• Works great on phones as well as tablets
• Uses a discreet icon and name (FP) on your device
Brace yourself for a steamy night filled with passion and intimacy. Everybody wins in this game that promises a memorable finale every time.
This app does not use push notifications and does not place any unwanted shortcuts on your device. It only uses non-intrusive banner ads which can be removed by purchasing add-on.
We always welcome and appreciate your feedback and suggestions.
Links for the App

Monday, September 7, 2015

Want To Make Your Partner Even More Delicious?

Karma Sutra's Body Paint lets You!


Find your inner artist with this rich, decadent, kissable body paint. Paint this sweet treat onto your lover’s body with the included paint brush and create your masterpiece. Follow with kisses, savoring the sweet, delectable flavor.
  • Delicious, kissable body paint with a smooth, creamy texture
  • Inspires playful creativity
  • Includes a soft, sensual paint brush
Classic milk chocolate, creamy and delicious

Smooth, melt-in-your mouth caramel

Rich dark chocolate with a hint of luscious raspberry

use our discount code below to save 15% on your entire order!

Discount Code : Date Night

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Was This Sexy Challenge Too Much?

Your vibration of love and romance is what the universe thrives upon.  With Human Vibrators you will learn how to increase that frequency between your and your partner.  Then you will be able to unleash that energy to the universe and watch as amazing things happen not only for you but for the universe as a whole.  

iTunes had this book off line for over two years, finally the power of this book is back and ready to connect with your vibration.  

*special not we are still not able to get this book on Googleplay as they are unsure the power it contains.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Sexy Challenge Initiative

Sexy Challenges is on a mission and we are on board.   Sexy Challenges is asking everyone to make more love in your relationship.  Why you might ask?  Well making love creates sexual energy.  Sexual Energy is love energy and the more of this we have in our work the more amazing it becomes.  People get more creative, there is less hatred, wars and fighting begin to lose their energy because people are using it in a more loving way.  So the Sexy Challenge initiative is that you make more love this month than you did last month if only one more time.  If everyone in the world would do this I think we would see an amazing difference in our world today.

Pick up a Sexy Challenge on iTunes, GooglePlay, Kindle or Nook there are over 80 to choose from and help us create this amazing energy...

Help us achieve this goal spread this post, if you would please.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Laci Green oN Female Fantasies

One of our favorite insights to get are the ones form Lacy Green.   She has such an open mind and the right attitude to be open minded enough for our preference.   Fantasies are normal process in our life and trying to deny that we have them is wrong.   Now that doesn't mean we have to act on them but if you want to the choice is yours....

Now If your Trapped in a Fantasy

Book One of a Curiously True Trilogy: Trapped in a Fantasy: A Strong Desire Meets a Stranger  

When recently divorced Karlee Christopher, a successful Midwest business consultant, solicits for a casual encounter on the internet and travels across the country to meet her selected candidate, she apprehensively steps into a risky and potentially dangerous night that will forever alter her life as a woman.

Telekinetic Coffee Shop - How Would You React?

Okay this might be a little mean to the customers in the shop.  However, the reactions are priceless to this phenomena that we all know is out there.   Now they take it a little far but the young lady that acts like she has just discovered her power is awesome.   How many of these people to you think soiled their pants when this happens.   

Don't discount this ability, some people do have it only it is not so dramatic!

Now another great power is the ability to read your coffee!

Recently published book "Read Your Coffee" is an awesome unique book for anyone interested in coffee reading. You will become a professional coffee interpreter in no time!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

How To Really Wreck Your Home - With The New Show HomeWreckers

There are more ways to improve your home than just bricks and mortar.  Sometimes you have to tear down walls that are not just physical.  Tearing down these wall can help improve your home from a relationship stand point.  

Let your t-shirts speak:

bernArt casual wear and accessories show your positive personality! Look good and inspire others at the same time!