Sunday, January 28, 2024

Licking the Bottom of the Love Jar: A Dark Collection of Supernatural Short Stories About Love


Licking the Bottom of the Love Jar:

A Dark Collection of Supernatural Short Stories About Love

You don't want to know what a love jar is.
Nobody will ever tell you what a love jar is. 

Love! Love lost. Love gained. Romance. Sexual tension. Secure relationships. Reckless marriages. Accidental children. Boring families. Divorce. Death. It's funny until it's not. It's a horror most of the time. Love is disgusting, regardless.

What's at the bottom of the love jar? Twenty writings that ask the important questions, such as:

  • Can a snake and a rabbit overcome the obstacles of their forbidden love?
  • Can the boy get the girl even when incapacitated by depression?
  • Can the power of two siblings single-handedly defeat climate change?
  • Can a couple survive the loss of their child while stranded on a foreign planet?
  • Can you overpower a witch using beer alone?
  • Can we prevent contagious diseases while our cat insists on tonguing its rectum?
  • Can you even tolerate poetry?

Suppose you enjoy the dark surrealism of 
Franz Kafka's existentialism, the peculiar imagination of Roald Dahl's whimsy, or the allegorical terror of George Orwell's satire. In that case, you'll adore Licking the Bottom of the Love Jar. It is Jared Woods' seventh publication, but he is best known as the former writer for the YouTube channel Pencilmation, where some of his episodes have reached over 100 million views.

Buy the book now! But be warned: you'll never find out what the love jar is. We're not joking.

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

The Intimacy Guru: Helping Modern Couples Reignite Passion, Pleasure, and Connection in Their Relationships


The Intimacy Guru:

Helping Modern Couples Reignite Passion, Pleasure, and Connection in Their Relationships

Are you longing for the thrill of rediscovering each other? Do you miss having a genuine bond and connection? Do you desire a deeper level of vulnerability that brings you closer? Do you want to feel like true partners who always have each other's support? Do you yearn for a physical intimacy that keeps the desire alive?

Well, all of this is possible, whether you've been together for five years or fifty. This book is your guide to taking actionable steps towards reigniting emotional and physical intimacy.

Intimacy is something that can be intentionally nurtured and it has the power to transform your relationship. So, make sure to set aside some quality time and prioritize reigniting the spark now!

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Dantanian’s Gatekeeper


Dantanian’s Gatekeeper 

Author: S.R. Page - Redsonia

Dantanian, the most powerful general in Hell, follows a trail of outlawed demons who happen to flee into the realm of humans. He loses consciousness after falling into an ambush and wakes up in Adelina’s humble home as she tends to his injuries.

Their relationship doesn’t have the best start. Dantanian doesn’t like humans and Adelina can’t wait for the ungrateful stranger to be well enough to leave.

Dantanian and Adelina didn’t know that they met many times before, as lovers in different lifetimes they couldn’t remember, but the attraction growing between them soon became impossible to deny. 

Together, Adelina and Dantanian will face many dangers as they unravel secrets from their pasts, distinguish friends from enemies, and discover what they really are. 

This novel has an intense storyline filled with mystery, adventure, comedy, and steamy moments where fated lovers find their way back to each other.

Dantanian’s Gatekeeper is a fantasy romance novel that won the Golden prize in the MyFavReads Romance Contest, in the category Mythology. 

The Synopsis:

Hell is hard on a soul, even for angels.

Four thousand years of gore monotony caused Dantanian to forget his origins.

As the highest-ranking General in the realm of evil, Dantanian had many creatures under his command, eager to please him, and he found nothing wrong with the limited indulgences Hell could provide. Gambling, drinking, fighting, and women. In that order.

Dantanian's routine was interrupted when vicious demons escaped to a realm inhabited by humans, and he was saved from an ambush by a frail creature he despises.

Forced to endure nursing to health by Adelina, she proved that a book shouldn't be judged by its cover.

"Don't mistake my kindness for weakness, mister. Now that you are better, you should leave."

Should he leave? Yes.

Could he leave? Without Adelina? Those were different questions, but she was not crazy about going to Hell. Not willingly.

How could he leave her behind? For the first time in four millennia, Dantanian's heart stirred, bringing forth memories of times long forgotten with Adelina as the key, and he was ready to do anything to remember it all.

Join Dantanian in picking up the pieces of his soul, and figuring out who set him up four thousand years ago (which will require opening a portal to another plane).

When Dantanian confirms Adelina is the last one with the ancient bloodline of gatekeepers, he will wonder if they crossed paths by accident or if that was part of a bigger plan... someone's plan he walked right into. Again.

This is an online book available exclusively on the MyFavReads platform.

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Sunday, January 14, 2024

Captive of Night


Captive of Night

Author: Jasmine Josef 

In the dark, secluded village of Eldris, a sinister pact casts a shadow over Hera’s fate as she is selected as one of ten women to be offered to the devil's army. 

Dragged into a realm of darkness, Hera is deemed unworthy of the demons' desire due to a prominent facial scar. Condemned to a life of servitude, she is forced to navigate the gloomy corridors of the devil's den, catering to the cruel demands of demonic overlords who see her as nothing more than a lowly servant.

Yet, amidst the oppressive darkness, two powerful beings take notice of Hera. Zarek Volkov, a Demon Overlord whose interest in her is as enigmatic as his past, and Valerius, the devil himself, whose intentions are as cryptic as they are compelling. Each encounter with them unravels a piece of the puzzle that is her existence.

As forbidden connections spark, Hera discovers there's more to her than meets the eye. A journey of self-discovery unfolds, revealing powers and truths that challenge the very fabric of her being. 

'Captive of Night' is not just a story; it's a journey through the depths of desire, the peril of passion, and the discovery of power within. Will Hera find her path to freedom, or will she forever be a captive of darkness? Turn the pages to step into a world where the line between captor and liberator blurs.


Was he going to... kiss her? No, why would he? 

Was he going to bite her? Did her bleeding stir his… thirst? 

She shuddered at the thought. Maybe he would drain her for what had happened to his horse, she thought, yet her fear was not enough to break her paralysis.

As he leaned ever so close, she shut her eyes, feeling the ghost of his breath on her face. 

Unexpectedly, she felt a warm, wet sensation glide over her cheek, leaving a tingling trail in its wake. Her eyes snapped open in surprise as his tongue traced a path to the corner of her mouth, flicking up as if swooping the blood on her skin, before retreating.

She stared at him, utterly taken aback, as he seemed to savor the taste of the blood he had licked from her face. She didn’t even know what to think or feel about this. Her mind went blank. 

“You are welcome,” he stated flatly.

This is an online book available exclusively on the MyFavReads platform.

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Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Sapphire Brown: An erotic fantasy of desire, temptation, and self-discovery


Sapphire Brown:

An erotic fantasy of desire, temptation,

and self-discovery

Explore the hidden world of Sadie, whose seemingly perfect life conceals a burning desire that can no longer be denied. In the shadows of a seductive online realm, she unveils her true self as 'Sapphire,' discovering an insatiable hunger for passion, excitement, and the thrilling world of eroticism.

When Sadie crosses paths with the enigmatic Liam, their passionate entanglement blurs the lines between fidelity and lust, love and deception, and reality and fantasy. Sapphire Brown takes readers on an intoxicating journey of forbidden desires, where choices teeter on the edge of pleasure and peril.

Will Sadie succumb to the allure of the forbidden, or can she find her way back to the life she once knew?

Immerse yourself in this story of seduction, temptation, and self-discovery, and prepare to embrace your own hidden desires. Get your copy today and let your own desires run wild.


Tuesday, January 2, 2024

His Christmas Gift: Age gap, billionaire, workplace romance


His Christmas Gift:

Age gap, billionaire, workplace romance 


I take what I want. I’ve fought to get where I am and I’m at the top. My partner has embezzled millions of dollars and I know what I want in return. His daughter.


I’ve always been in love with Griffen Van Halen, even as a little girl. I’m now an intern at his and my father’s publishing company and find out he’s embezzled millions. In return Griffen wants me for three months. To keep my father out of prison I have to do it. Being Griffen’s plaything can’t be that bad. Right?
Not your usual Christmas romance


Monday, January 1, 2024

Stoned Garden


Stoned Garden

Zoey’s an ordinary divorced mom about to step back into dating life. But when she hooks up with Luke and gets a hit of him, her world shifts. One minute she’s in Luke’s bed getting hot and high, the next she’s in a private car heading to a luxury resort with another guy. Anyone who knows her would have bet against the former Zoey jetting off to a secret Las Vegas rendezvous to play games on and off the craps table. But they’re not the only ones who are surprised.

No matter who she’s with or where she goes, Zoey can’t get Luke out of her mind, his presence looms in the tangled threads of her love life.

She’s on the biggest trip of her life, her lust for adventure unsatiated and unparalleled.

Stoned Garden combines an enthusiasm for edibles and erotica in one massive trip.

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