Saturday, November 30, 2013

Online Dating Across the Globe -- Some Say Santa Even Did It

We recently heard that Santa claims he met Mrs. Clause through Internet dating.

He just hopped into his sleigh, sped into the future, opened his laptop, made a romantic wish list and ta da! He found the perfect happy, cookie baking, beautiful, full-figured woman for him.

Um, maybe that isn't what you are looking for in your love life?  Maybe you would love to find a sexy "pirate" - after all you seriously drooled over Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean (oh, sorry…your fantasy honey isn't a guy?? - then you were probably drooling over Keira Knightly in that movie.  

Hey!  That isn't Johnny Depp!

Here ya go…

Anyhow…have you thought about online dating?  That is actually how we (Rob & Janelle) met.
Yep - it is true!  Over 12 years ago, we met via a dating site.  Wow!  Married for 11 years :) 

But, what about finding someone really different and unique from you…you know, like Santa or Jack Sparrow.  In all honesty, have you ever considered dating someone outside your own country?

Well, guess what?  There is an international online dating site.  

This is very intriguing.  We recently talked about dating online recently on our podcast 
- listen to that episode below.  We admit, though, that we missed the international dating possibility…

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In this day and age of global interconnectness, it makes sense that one looks over the border for dating as well. Taste comes in all forms and sizes. The stigma of international dating ( has come off in the last years, and these days it is perfectly normal to date eligible single men and women from other countries.

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