Saturday, December 14, 2013

Get Help For Your Relationship - You Deserve It

You hear the waves crashing.  The warm salty air brushes against your skin.  There is a gorgeous view being painted right in front of you as the sun sinks into the ocean.  Your heart pounds and you lose your breath.  You look over at your partner with a gentle smile on your lips.  

Sounds like a romantic evening on the beach doesn't it?  But, what if it really isn't?

Maybe the waves crashing seem to represent your relationship crashing.  Maybe the salty air stings your sun burnt skin just like you feel like your partner burnt you.  Maybe the sun sinking and disappearing seems to represent your relationship sinking and then vanishing - and super fast.  Maybe that smile on your lips is wistful and regretful of what could have been - what should have been?

Or….maybe, the whole thing was just a fantasy in your mind?

So many couples face serious struggles in their relationships - often to the point of needing someone else to help them attempt to resolve their issues and move forward together.  Seeking professional help is usually a last resort.  One or both partners are embarrassed and don't want to face a therapist or counselor…or they make excuses of not having enough time or that there isn't someone nearby to talk to or it is too expensive.  But, today we have modern technology that gives the opportunity to find a therapist that works for both of you - no matter where you are.  If you aren't comfortable going to an office, you can get help from the comfort of your own home!  Did you know this?

Not every relationship can be saved, but isn't it worth it to find out if yours is one that can be?  You have invested a lot of time and heart and your soul into your relationship.  Do you really just want to throw in the towel?  Or just live with things the way they are and remain status quo?  What if you split-up and carry hidden issues over into your next relationship??  

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