Sunday, December 8, 2013

Why Doesn't He Answer His Phone?

You have been trying to reach him for the past two hours!  But, he doesn't answer!!  Where is he?  Is he okay?  Did he succumb to holiday shopping and is now trapped under a pile of packages?  Damn it! Where is he?  Why won't he answer his phone?!!

Ah, in our modern times we rely heavily on cell phones.  We expect to be able to reach one another pretty much anytime and anywhere.  And, we can feel really frustrated when our partner doesn't text back or answer our call.  After awhile we may even start to worry - did something bad happen, is he ignoring me, can't hear the phone???  

Maybe, right now, all the holiday hustle and bustle just wore him out and he is taking a much needed nap.  

Or, maybe his phone died?  Either he dropped it in the snow, ran over it with his car, or forgot to charge it up…isn't that his charger laying on the counter?  Hmmm…

So, try not to get too upset with him.  All of us can overlook charging our phones - which seems like we have to do a lot or we can leave it in the car or drop it in the toilet.  It happens.  But, most of all remember that it has only been the past few years that we could even reach each other so quickly and easily.  We have become accustomed to this convenience (or annoyance for some) and expect immediate connection, but we should consider it to be just what it is - a convenience.  We shouldn't expect (or demand) our sweethearts to be at our beck and call (literally).  Honor, respect, and trust one another -- after all, most likely he isn't not answering you on purpose.

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