Sunday, October 20, 2013

Nature Lovers! Share Your Love In Unique Way

Recently Rob and I drove from Colorado to Montana (to the west side of Glacier National Park...almost to Canada) so I could perform the wedding ceremony for two of my dearest friends.  

They are huge nature lovers!  Therefore, I thought I would share this Intimate Adventure that I wrote a couple of years back in honor of them and their love (for each other and for nature). 

Intimate Adventures are sacred ceremonies for couples. They take ordinary life and make them special. Allowing both partners to enjoy the connection they share. With the vision of creating a warm and wonderful spot of couples to journey together Intimate Adventures offers these suggestions of ceremonies for the two of you to enjoy.

Nature Lovers is a way to bring the beauty and power of nature into your relationship. With each falling leave we learn,
 with each rock we find adventure. Our relationship is nature so why do we not invite nature into our relationship. 

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