Sunday, October 13, 2013

Can You Really Stay Close For Years and Years?

We believe that couples can stay close - emotionally, romantically, and physically throughout their relationship.  It doesn't matter how long they are together.  *Now mind you, we realize that there are simply times that people grow apart no matter how much they try to grow together.  Or they really weren't meant to be together to begin with.  In those situations, there is nothing wrong with moving on. But, for those couples who simply drift apart without conscious thought or they fall into a rut of the relationship just being "good enough" we want them to know that they can have a deeply connected relationship.  They can be best friends and amazing lovers.

By sharing amazing tips, advice, guidance and creating sexy, sensual and sacred scenarios for couples we open a door for couples to step through and find ways to keep the spark alive.

And, we just so happen to do this through our daily blog and over 80 ebooks - Sexy Challenges and Intimate Adventures and more via Amazon, iTunes, and Barnes and Noble.  And, of course, through our podcast, Sexy Challenge Heartbeats.  Wanna pick some up or subscribe to the podcast for free?  What are you waiting for?

Keeping it sacred and sexy,
Janelle and Rob

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