Monday, October 28, 2013

Free Unique Digital "Magazine" for Couples

Have you seen the October issue of The Couples' Spot: Relationship Advice for Couples.  It is FREE!

Pick it up for your iPad from iTunes.

This publication is for those couples that want to have a healthy, happy and thriving relationship.  We cover a broad range of topics from exercise to sexual happiness, from financial help to spirituality, and everything in between.  

There is no road map to a wonderful relationship.  It takes constant work, changes and adjustments to keep your relationship well oiled and running smoothly.  This publication is designed to give you ideas and suggestions on things to help you keep your relationship growing.  Continual growth in your relationship is vital if you want it to last a long time.  

Within your relationship we encourage you to get busy, get spiritual, and laugh your ass off!  When you can do all three of these, combined with the love you have for each other, you will have a formula for a successful relationship.  You might not agree with everything we say and we don't expect you to.  However, take what works or feels right for you, implement it and leave the rest behind.

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