Friday, September 21, 2012

Sexual Prayer

Many don't understand how spiritual sex should be.  You should honor it as you do many other things in your life.  If you pray before you eat, then you should pray before you have mad passionate sex.  If you meditate, you could meditate before you make love to your partner.  You can create rituals or ceremonies around your sexual activities as a way to honor them.  

It is my opinion that sex is one of the ways that we can reach to the unknown.  Whatever you believe, intimacy can be the gateway to experiencing more in your spiritual life.  For many, nothing feels better than making love to his/her sweetheart.  

So, it is okay if you want to kneel down and pray for a wonderful connection before you rip each others clothes off and make love that would have the gods envious.  

P.S.   For those of you that think sex is sin...Quite simply you are WRONG!

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