Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cleaning Your Sex Toys

It is important if you use sex toys that you clean them after each use.  That seems pretty easy to figure out.  However now comes the tricky part.  How do you clean them.  Most people use simple soap and water.  Which is great for many toys.  However you need to check all your toys and see what they are made of.  Some times simple soap and water will not remove items in silicon toys.  Some toys are porous and will hold on to bacteria.  There are many sex toy cleaners on the market that you can use but again you need to know what your toy is made of before pick one of these up. 

Some toys you could run through the dishwasher, others need more delegate attention.  Needless to say cleaning your sex toys isn't just wash and go.  If they toy is going to be inserted into your body you need to know who your body will react to the soap you used to clean your toy.  The vagina can be super sensitive to soaps and cleaners.  Toys made of metal, glass, and non-porous materials are the easiest to clean.  Toys made of low grade silicon or plastics seem to be the hardest to clean.  So the next time you go toy shopping look for a good natural cleaner and read the instructions on how to clean the toy before you buy.  

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