Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Glass Great For Sex Toys

One of the big problems with Sexy Toys is what they are made of.  Many of the cheap toys are made of materials that are not able to be cleaned properly or use chemicals in them that are not the best for our bodies.  Glass however is one substance that easily cleaned and not to my knowledge harmful to our bodies.  Plus the toys look really artsy and pure.  While the picture above is of a clear toy many have amazing artwork inside them to make them really a work of art.  Another material that is great is stainless steel, both the glass and stainless steel toys give a much different feeling than traditional toys.  For starters they are not soft, which can be a positive or a negative for many people.  The safety of these toys and the easy cleaning is a huge benefit.  Next time you are shopping check out these varieties and see you might just find that you love the feel of your new toyfriend.  

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