Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sex Outside

Many people have the simple fantasy of making love outside.  As natural as making love outdoors sounds it can be a little tricky.  You can always go camping and make love in your tent.  However I feel that most people that want to make love outdoors would love to be able to see the stars in the sky as they lay with their lover.  Getting the sense of showing your love for each other without the boundaries of walls.  Now it is possible to have a privacy fence the will allow you to accomplish this or going deep into the woods but those are not totally safe.  Maybe they should have some hotels that offer secluded outdoor space for couples to make love.  I know you can find places that allow you to make love outside but those are usually crammed with others doing the same.  I want to know if there are any places where a couple can be completely alone outdoors with no fear of someone stumbling upon them making love.  Please share if you know of a place like this so that I may pass it along to our viewers. 

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