Sunday, October 30, 2022

Sweet Boy O' Mine


What happens when two strangers meet on a karaoke app? 
Find out in this friends to lovers romance, all while having fun singing along to 80’s throwback songs! Inspired by "The Wedding Singer," this sweet and fun romance, has similar appeal, with heart and humor.

When Sara Winston stumbled across the Sing It Out App, it was meant just to be a safe haven and somewhere she would let her voice out, not where she thought her life would take a turn around. Not only did her heart get a chance to sing, her heart fell... for a soul named Sam.

Not only did her life take a turn around, she also altered the life of Sam who made a decision to be more committed. And with a music career opportunity down the line, life to her was at its peak and seemed perfect to her. But when she is left to choose between her budding music career, and her love, what would she pick?


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