Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Stripping Like Nobody's Business


Stripping Like Nobody's Business:

A true story of a mother with no conscience and a stripper with too much

Bambi asked her father how she could survive her guilt. He thought she was talking about stripping and said it was nobody’s business. She thanked him for the title of her story. He never knew her secret; how she saved him from killing his wife, her mother. It’s a complicated true story like no other; Half horror, half humor, about a mother with no conscience and a stripper with an excess of it, too much for her own good. The big question is how she survived and the answer is ‘just barely’. Readers won’t want to let this book go; they will want to revisit it to find the hidden humor, which is more than just strip- tease. Bambi does everything wrong, including stripping as she survives abuse, murder, alcoholism, addiction and a sociopathic mother. Bambi discovers the unavoidable reason we all crave unconditional love, and how to express that love. She learns much to her relief what guilt is. Five decades are covered in three very different acts because of the diversity of experiences, none for the faint of heart or grand-babies.

“Read this, it’s entertainment, you won’t be disappointed,” Chris Noel, Movie star

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