Wednesday, October 5, 2022

All My Choices Led Me Here


All My Choices Led Me Here

A new ex-boyfriend...and a rule that complicates everything...
Lacey Adams is excited to launch her career and accepts a position as a physical therapist in her small, North Carolina hometown...the town she left to escape an abusive ex-boyfriend. Her boss pairs her with drool-worthy orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Collin Reece, and now all Lacey can focus on is her pounding heart. The office has a strict no-dating rule between co-workers, but Lacey's attraction to Dr. Reece is growing rapidly. The problem is she is pretty sure he doesn't feel the same...until her ex resurfaces and she has nowhere to turn but to Dr. Reece.

When the pair have to travel to the Caribbean for a medical conference, things really heat up. The harder they try to fight their feelings, the closer they end up becoming, despite the fact that Dr. Reece's own ex - a beautiful surgeon, herself - is in attendance, and harboring secrets of her own. As Lacey contemplates this new relationship, her ex-boyfriend tries everything to win her back and starts to stir up trouble. As their pasts collide with the present, Lacey is forced to decide if a future with Dr. Reece is worth risking her career and making him a target for her unstable ex.


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