Monday, October 10, 2022

Lillian's Diary: Chapter 1. Awakening


Lillian's Diary: Chapter 1. Awakening

Lillian has always been a loyal and faithful wife to her husband, David, but after discovering his most recent indiscretions, she's reached her limit. Following a chance meeting with Alex, her neighbor, something inside Lillian awakens, sending her along an erotic path filled with adventure, self-discovery, and mind-blowing sex. But as she embarks along her new journey, breaking taboo after taboo, new enemies emerge, determined to put her back in her place. Can she outsmart her blackmailer? And who is the mysterious person keeping tabs on her from afar?

This first chapter includes an introduction to Lillian's relationship with David, her previous working relationship with Gabriel, a former colleague, and the chance meeting with Alex that sets everything off.

Disclaimer: This entire series includes explicit sex, violence (including sexual violence) bad language, and various themes that may be triggering for some. Please proceed with caution if you’re offended by books with this type of explicit content.

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