Friday, October 7, 2022

Shamelessly Yours


Shamelessly Yours: The Demon in You

"As the author's knowledge of the God of the Bible deepened through her own battles, AJ was led spectacularly deeper into the realms of spiritual warfare, but always with a guiding hand. Then through prayerful revelation and much study, her eyes were opened to the spiritual battles in others. She found herself grappling desperately to pull these people up from the murky waters in an attempt to shield them from what she could see in them. However without God, they were in deep with the unseen enemy, but there was always an outstretched hand. As a willing tool, she was ready to grab anyone crying out into the night because someone heard them. But they did not fully believe, so it hurt the light. So on she went, embracing ridicule and mocking because being called names, was better than watching someone's suicide. She wanted them free because their inner foe was deeply hidden and smirking. But it could not hide from her, and this was war!

A passion began to build for those who could not break free from tormenting or fearful thoughts and she saw quite clearly what the world would call "mental health," turning and darkening into a spiritual battle so intense that it threatened to devour the victim whole. No medicine or therapy fully healed those she knew. They saw themselves as victims but the world will look for anything other than sorrow to heal their minds, so they were unaware of the earth-shattering blow about to hit. She quickly learned that having no belief makes you more vulnerable to attack and then our kids are on the menu. 

Will you let your enemy take everything from you or will you fight for your freedom? If so, then take my hand, as we are going in, together.

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