Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Plan Now So Valentines Day Doesn't Suck

Okay now is the time to start planning for Valentines Day on Feb 14.  If you wait until the last minute your Valentines Day is sure to suck.  So start laying the groundwork today to create a Valentines Day to Remember.   Planning is the secret and without it you have little chance of pulling of a Valentines Day that will have you both smiling.  

We have the power to search beyond the common expressions of love through the exploration of less frequently used language. If you were to tap into the deep well of words available to us, what three words would you choose to portray the relationship most precious to you?
Those Three Words the photography book, features 25 couples who hail from all walks of life. Each couple chose three words to describe their love for one another, and those words are featured on their pages. Instead of saying “I love you”, each couple was challenged to find three other words that have a powerful meaning in their relationship. We implore couples to spend time thinking of other ways to say “I love you”.

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