Monday, January 19, 2015

Guys Really Out With The Old Undies And In With The New

Okay guys seriously we all have to stand together and get rid of the old torn up underwear you have.    Most guys out there have a stash of undies that they never think about giving up.  However, guys if you want to get a little more action in your life thing about it, would you want your partner running around in worn out panties?  Heck no, we want to see new exciting and sexy panties on our partners, yet we think they are okay with us wearing our underwear with holes in them.   It is time to turn the tables.  Go out today and pick up some new undies and surprise your partner, you might just get a little more than you bargained for when they see you in them.   

Then just to make sure you look your best in those undies try the:

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