Friday, May 5, 2023

The Plan An Addicts Guide to Freedom


The Plan: An Addicts Guide To Freedom

★★★★★ "Everything in this book has been the core of what pulled me above day to day!- Reader review

Addiction is deceptive. One of its greatest acts is leaving an addict feeling that there is no way out.

Sadly, for many this is true. However, for a great many others the power to overcome this force has been discovered.

This book contains a few of the things that have proven successful in this discovery. They are simple in theory, but can be difficult in practice.

Not much compares to the difficulty of living as an addict, except watching someone you are close to live as one. If you've lost hope, read this book.

Order your copy and realise that you have more than just a glimmer of hope left - you can be free of addiction!

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The Plan: An Addicts Guide to Freedom

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