Tuesday, May 30, 2023

The Alpha's Exiled Mate


  • The Alpha’s Exiled Mate is a post-apocalyptic werewolf romance.

  • Genetically engineered to survive the harsh elements of an unknown global disaster, the wolf shifters have no idea of the truth behind their origins. As their numbers are dwindling, and their females disappear, the seven packs need to figure out a way to work together, or they will become extinct as well. 

  • One devious Alpha devised a plan to take over all the packs, and in a single night over thirty moons ago, set in motion a sequence of events that would inevitably place him in power. 

  • Limited by how much she can intervene and short on time, Selene, the Moon Goddess, alters one event with the goal of creating a butterfly effect that could save her children and bring the wolf-shifter nation to its glory. 

  • Mary Curran is the first-born Alpha child and heir apparent of the peaceful North Summit Tribe. Mary’s comfortable life came to an end when she was exiled from her tribe and forced to live among the untamed lands in the South.

  • Alone and in over her head, trouble finds Mary wherever she goes. 

  • Luckily, Mary meets Luka Hardin before anything too serious befalls her. 

  • Luka and Mary immediately feel the attraction that is just under the surface of their perceived disdain. Refusing to believe that they were meant for each other, they do everything they can to push the other away until the pull becomes too tempting to ignore. 

  • The Alpha’s Exiled Mate is a blend of romance, fantasy, science fiction, drama, and steamy scenes that make reading this gripping novel enjoyable.


  • She is mine. 

  • Mary's body molds against me perfectly. Every soft curve complimenting my hard lines. The smooth creaminess of her exposed flesh contrasts my tanned, weather-beaten skin, and I want to feel every delicate fingerbreadth of her as I can. 

  • I half expected her to pull away, but the longer I held her to me, the more I felt her relax into my embrace. Neither of us said anything, but our hearts were pounding; each beat a call and response. She was made for me. I don't know how or why, but she belongs to me, and I will kill any shifter who tries to take her away. 

  • Even if it is her fated mate. 

  • Especially if it is her fated mate.

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