Saturday, May 6, 2023

The Game


The Game:

Winning by Virtue One Move at A Time

In her book The Game, love and relationship expert, Princess Merrilee simplifies the complexity of love by using logic and reason to play a game where human behavior is divided by rules and pieces to help the player identify where love is and where love is not. Love is represented by the virtuous pieces on the board to help the player with self-awareness, patience, critical thinking, and discernment. By using only the pieces on the board, the player is able to slow down, consider, and be purposeful before responding to life situations. She further explains “THE FIVE GATES” to recognizing your player by breaking down how individuals assess their relationships whether they be for personal or professional gain. The first two gates, she demonstrates, are the only two entered for most people and is the reason why so many relationships fail. Honor, integrity, faith, and patience are among the virtues that make up the pieces. The Game is for anyone seeking to heal past relationships, gain further understanding of human behavior, become a loving partner, lead a conscious organization, and maintain an elevated and complex understanding of self-mastery. Players will experience a heightened level of self-worth, a clear vision of purpose, and attract favor when they make love their answer.

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