Tuesday, May 16, 2023

My Exiled Alpha Prince


My Exiled Alpha Prince
Author: Xiao
This is an online book available exclusively on the MyFavReads platform.

Steamy werewolf romance, reckless adventures, and a whole world to discover! 

My Exiled Alpha Prince, by author Xiao, is a fast-paced and heartwarming story about growing up and finding one's destiny, accepting new feelings, and understanding what a soulmate is.

Nina and her sister have been alone for over a decade since their parents died. With her only priority - protecting her sister - Nina battled her way through life. 

Their hopes for a bright future were extinguished when the sisters realized they sisters ended up in the hands of a vicious criminal group.

They were saved by a handsome young man who wanted Nina to be his.

Used to worrying about her sister and shielding her from evil, Nina wasn't ready to be protected. Nina was new to the emotions the handsome stranger caused, and her whole being shook at the attraction she felt for him. 

As if that was not enough, Nina’s mind was crowded with a strange voice pushing her into his arms when they were together. 

In this story, Nina discovers a new world, little by little, and understands that everything is part of a bigger picture. Her meeting with Nicholas and her sudden urges, that rumbling voice in her head, and even her own body seem to accommodate too well to the new world of Weres, how shapeshifters call themselves.

When the shadows from her past reappear, she has to choose between her fate and running away from everything but… can she run away?


"We have a pact," he reminds me.

"We do, but I haven't heard the conditions," I say. "What do I have to do?"

"I will protect you from now on. From those traffickers or anyone with ill intentions. You won't lack anything, Nina."

"And in exchange?" I say.

"You will be mine," he murmurs.

His tone is low, and his eyes avoid me. As if he's embarrassed by these words.

"What do you mean, exactly?"

"You'll be my mate," he repeats.

Mate? Like, will we play baseball together and crack jokes? What in the world does he need a mate for?

His eyes return to me. He's still a little awkward, but it's nothing compared to a few seconds ago. Now his eyes are fixed on mine, and I can't move away because something prevents me.

"Stay by my side. That will be enough for now," Nicholas says.

He walks past the table, his steps silent and frighteningly slow. He doesn't let my attention escape; I don't know how he's doing it, but it's working. "Everything else will come naturally, with time," he whispers.

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