Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Socks On or Off?


Socks On or Off During Sex?

It seems like a very easy straight forward questions.  However there are many factors to consider.  For example what is the temperature outside?  If it is bitterly cold keeping the socks on might make sense.  Also there is some study that states if your feet are warmer you feel more sexy?  Many people consider being naked and leaving your socks on to look really odd.  Plus the type of socks make a difference are the ankle socks or tube socks, or are they considered sexy stockings.  Socks could make it slick and cause injury if you are trying to have sex standing up.   If your partner has ugly toes socks might make things a big more sexy and let us not forget socks might help avoid those dangerous toenails.   So you see the answer is not so clear cut as just a personal preference.   Please talk the sock question over with your partner before sex.  

Free book as you ponder the Sock Question.

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