Monday, April 5, 2021

Night Table & Night Table II


In this energetic follow up to Night Table, Natanyah welcomes readers to her Queendom through rich imagery and seductive verses.  Her raw erotic poems honour the intimacy between humans revealing its power to cultivate our individual and collective potential. Night Table ll is a multi-sensory experience that will make you feel vulnerable yet uplifted and divine ....... and more than that, a little turned on.

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Night Table, a book of erotic, soul enticing poetry that awakens all of your senses. Natanyah’s insight into sensuality, sex, and love making will remind you what it is to truly desire, again. This poetry is better than film, better than magazines. It will have your imagination creating the love life that you never thought was possible and the sex life that you always dreamed of.

This book connects you to that blissful, captivating energy through the art of love making, expanding the sensual mind without using intimacy toys. Clearly a healer, Natanyah writes with an intention to turn you on, wake you up and get your blood pumping. This book is definitely something you’ll want to share with yourself and/or your lover and keep it next to you on your Night Table.

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