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The foreign language we all speak but don’t understand 

A book that takes the reader on a journey of life, getting lost in challenges and pain and finding their way out filled with joy and love. As I open the door to my spiritual closet, I invite you to read these pages with the eyes of your soul. I offer you the chance to look at life with a new perspective. Each day we navigate our daily life by using our intellect, but if we dig deeper we can complement this with our intuition. To learn the language of the soul we can find our human connection with one another, nature, the animal world as well as the Universe. This will enable each one of us to learn to speak a language that will improve compassionate action, improve the health and wellbeing of our physical body as well as grow stronger in our intuition.

Welcome to my story. A story that on any given day I would not have shared with people unless you were a good friend or family. It is now time to open the door of the spiritual closet. 

We all have something to hide in our closets, those monsters we want to shove to the back, not to be noticed. I’m going to share my story with direction from the spirit, my inner voice. I will share with you every last intimate and humiliating moment in hopes that this would open your heart like mine, to know there is way more than you could ever imagine in this life. The things I present to you from along my path I’m sure you will question—this in turn now becomes your Journey.

Allow me to take you on my personal journey from a place of fear in my life to learning what the true meaning of love is. Through unusual experiences in my life, I began to make a shift in my belief system. Connecting to a higher power, I learned to speak what I call the most foreign language spoken— “energy.” It is the Universal connection that all beings share. Connecting the dots and learning, we are all one—no matter what country we live in, or language we speak, or the faith we believe. We all are made of this same energy and have not yet learned how to speak it, the language of our soul.

I would like to start by pushing away some of those old dusty hangers and taking you straight to the back of my closet where I will introduce you to my night monsters and start this journey together—where, in the end, my hopes are we can all clean out our closets—remove our monsters and find the light that we all are.

“Being a candle is not easy, in order to give light, one must burn first.” (Rumi)

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