Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Cost Of Being In A Relationship

There are definite benefits to being in a relationship financially.  For example most of the time both of you are contributing to finances of the house, there are two people working on the chores, and when you are sharing a bed there are two bodies keeping in warm.  However, there are costs involved in a relationship that most don't think of.  Like cookware and plates, most couples have better plates and cookware then single people.   There is also more money spent on decorations for the home as well as special things like lights for the holidays etc.  So while the big benefit of any relationship is love, just make sure you keep all the finances in order so the love part can flow freely.

Financial and credit disasters can cool any relationship. Our organization works with couples to get their future looking brighter, leaving more time for a stronger, more powerful relationship.

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