Saturday, July 26, 2014

How Sexy Lingerie Can Help...

They say to look beautiful, you have to think beautiful thoughts. So, what do you think you have to do to look sexy? If you can feel sexy and look sexy, you will be sexy. Sexy lingerie can set the stage for those feelings, because after all, who doesn't feel sexy when wearing a corset and fish net stockings?
All things in life are intertwined. The way you feel affects the way that you look and vice versa. You are never going to feel sexy, even when you are wearing the very best lingerie when you have a raging case of the flu, for instance. On the other hand, even when you feel right as rain, you will not look or feel sexy with the old panties with the frayed pops of cotton on the waist band and the old bra with the knotted straps. Part of feeling sexy is the looking sexy, after all.
Sexy lingerie is kind of like a signal, the cue that turns that part of the brain on. Say for instance that you only take a bath before making love with your spouse, the rest of the time you hope in the shower and be done with it. If hubby sees you getting into the tub, he knows it's going to be a loving kind of night for him. If you wear sexy lingerie on nights that you are going out with your special someone, then every time that you put it on, it will feel like a special night.
Sexy lingerie can put you in a better frame of mind, a better mood. When you come home from work in a really horrible mood, the first thing you want to do is to change out of your work clothes. You do not want to be reminded of the day you have just had. You take off those items of clothing, signifying an end to the day and a change into a different kind of uniform, so to speak. It is the same with lingerie. You change out of the day to day, common and basic stuff, slipping into sexy lingerie so that you can feel a little sexier.
Of course, there are those women who are so confident in themselves that they can feel sexy no matter what they are wearing. Then there are those women who have to have a whole coat of armor made of sexy lingerie to warm up a little bit. No matter which one you are, you should always have at least one piece of lingerie that makes you feel sexy and special to pull out on those days when your own sexy meter seems to be stuck in the off position.
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