Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Avoiding STD's

If you want to have sex and avoid getting an STD, then you need to listen up. There are a few ways to avoid STD contraction and your sex life depends on you knowing what to do. Here are a few ways to stay away from STD's.
First, make sure your partner is clean. This seems like a no brainer, but you need to know that your partner is clean or you are putting yourself at risk. If there is any strange discoloration, sores, rashes, or anything else that is a bit funky about their penis or vagina, then you might want to call off the sex or at least use a condom.
Second, use a condom. Another no brain idea, but there are too many people that forget about using a condom and they contract an STD because they were lazy, did not care, or just forgot. You should never have sex without a condom if you think you are at risk of contracting an STD. Even if you don't think you are at risk you should use a condom unless you are in a relationship with someone and they are the only person you are having sex with, and vice versa. Then, you can consider not using a condom, but make sure you have enough trust in your partner to know that they are clean.
Last, stop having sex with multiple partners. Most of the symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases do not even show up until weeks after you contract the infection so you might be off having sex and passing the disease on before you even know you have it. Avoid having multiple partners and you will have a much better chance of avoiding the awful STD's that are out there.
There is not such thing as safe sex unless you are in a relationship and you and your partner are monogamous. This being said you should practice safer sex and keep all of these ways to avoid STD contraction in mind while doing so. Check the quality of the turf, use a condom, and avoid having multiple partners so that you don't end up with an STD.
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