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Come On Baby Light My "Fire": A Guide to Sexy Lighting in the Bedroom

Come On Baby Light My "Fire": A Guide to Sexy Lighting in the Bedroom

Setting the right mood is all about ambient lighting, but getting romantic makes mood lighting all that more complicated because, well, people are naked! At least two people (in most cases) anyway. We all know that different lighting can cause different moods and behavior, like the way natural light is connected to depression. So it goes without saying, if you want to feel relaxed and sexy..."light" the fire so to speak.
Not only is sexy bedroom lighting important because you want to set the right mood, but you also want to look the best you can naked, and turning off the light is not always the answer, in fact leaving the lights on can be a big turn-on (no pun intended).
First and foremost, overhead lighting casts direct downward light that creates terrible and harsh shadows and highlights, with the highlights always highlighting your worst features. So rid your evening of the overhead lights unless you decide to install a dimmer switch. If you have a dimmer switch, experiment with the lighting levels for different times of day.
Overhead lighting also tends to be bright, and can have an unflattering tone. Remember this: There is nothing, I repeat, nothing sexy about a well lit room. Lighting should instead, be soft and filtered, casting gentle shadows, softening harsh features and highlighting all the right curves. Although everyone looks their best against the glow of candlelight, it is not only an inconvenient option, but depending on the activity level, can become a fire hazard. For your side table lights, the next best option is to ditch the everyday 60 watt incandescent bulbs and opt for a lower watt soft pink bulb. Almost everyone and every skin and body type looks better under a soft pink glow. Never ever use fluorescents in the bedroom. Not only are they unreliable, flicker, and give off harsh light, they are obtrusive and offensive.
Use cream-colored or darker colored paper or material lamp shades for a warm glow. Create beautiful color shadows and patterns on the wall by using glass lamp shades, or even warm-colored stained glass or Tiffany style lamp shades. Speaking of shadows cast of the walls, placing a lamp or light just right, can cast the silhouettes of you and your playmate onto the wall, adding to the ambiance and mood even more.
The last thing to consider: What type of mood are you going for? Naughty, sweet, sultry, bold and daring? Whether you're going for romantic cottage or bawdy bordello, lighting can make the difference. Think about the direction you want your "escapades" to head and light the scene accordingly.
Other sexy bedroom tips:
  • Keep the room clean and uncluttered, free of laundry, dishes and the occasional pizza box, eliminating being distracted by the thought of chores that need to be done.
  • Turn off the TV unless there is "mood appropriate" content.
  • Set-the mood with romantic or relaxing scents, such as jasmine, lavender, a clean scent, or something with a soft vanilla note.
  • Make sure it has not been more than a day without showering or bathing.
  • Wear sexy lingerie or your birthday suit with confidence.
  • Moisturize your skin and take care of any hair stubble or necessary plucking.
  • A strategically placed mirror can not only add to the mood, but also reflect light, adding to the romance of your bedroom. Remember though, a mirror on your ceiling is a bit tacky and at first glance, may come across as a bit creepy or perv like.
Nicole Maddox is a Freelance writer, passionate about retro design/decor and is currently the Managing Member of [], a division of Mad Market, LLC.

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