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Gift Giving - Understanding The Love Language Of Gifts

Gift Giving - Understanding the Love Language of Gifts

Many say that love is the universal language. It is true -- we all spend much of our lives loving others. Unfortunately, it is not a single language. Love comes in many languages, and I do not mean English, Spanish, French, etc. No, love comes in the various forms that we communicate and experience the feelings of love from one person to the next. We all have a way that we show others that we love them. It may be through kind and encouraging words. Others may show their love through affection and physical contact. It could be by spending time with your loved one -- doing what they want regardless of how you feel about it. Maybe you have the ability to love others by doing things for them with a happy heart. Of course, there are also those that express their love by giving gifts -- bought, home-made, crafted, found, etc. Just give the gift and you are feeling that you have expressed some of your deepest emotions.
We all have our way of showing love to others - and that way is also how we would like others to show love to us. However, we often have people in our lives that don't express love the same way. That can cause hurt, frustration, and a general feeling of not being loved. We have to learn how to love our loved-ones in their own style of love, or else they will feel unloved.
One of the ways that is seen by many as 'easy to do' is the language of gift giving. However, it can get expensive and become hollow if you are not careful in how you go about loving your significant other this way. When it comes to gift-giving, it is important to understand that typically it is not about the amount of money that you spend. Isn't that Great News! When you are looking to love your significant other, the best gifts to give are those that have meaning to your man/woman. It could be as simple as picking up a cup of coffee when you leave the grocery store. This shows that you were away from them, thinking of them, and know what they like. Maybe it is more practical, and you pick up a new pillow at the store because she has been waking up each morning complaining about how poorly she slept last night. This creates a feeling of connection and value. Isn't that what you are trying to do by saying, 'I love you!'
Do flowers speak to them? What about a package of spa-day materials. Or, a box of cigars and a bottle of scotch. Maybe it is as simple as a candy bar that is their favorite. Whatever it is, honor your loved ones flavor of love expression - find a way to buy them a gift and share your feelings. Life is too short otherwise.
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