Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Luvmybox Review :)

There are a vast number of people who are in long-term relationships, but they are still afraid to ask for what they want.  And, even if they are willing to discuss it with their sweetheart, there is the issue of stepping out of their comfort zone to purchase sexy and/or sensual items.  Even though you can purchase these items online nowadays and it is no longer absolutely necessary to physically go into a brick-n-mortar sexy toy store, it can still be intimidating.  There are hundreds of items to choose from and choosing an item to try can simply be too bold for many people. 

Taking a different approach to mix things up and ignite new pleasurable fires in your romantic relationship can offer a higher potentiality that the two of you will be happier and stick together through the bad and good times.  And, for those of you who are a bit (or a lot) shy about choosing items – well, with a monthly subscription the items are already chosen for you.  Then you and your lover can decide whether or not to try all of them.  It makes it so much easier when these hot little items are in your hand to decide to try something new.      

This is exactly why the founder of Luvmybox launched her company.   As she states on the website, http://www.luvmybox.com, this monthly subscription service “is a fun way to explore your sexuality” and arrives discreetly at your door each month.

We recently received a box so that we could review it.  All of the items came in a neat box filled with black confetti-like paper and pink tissue paper.  There was an adorably, elegant, little doorknob hanger – “Please Do Not Disturb: We’re Busy Exploring Our Box”.  On the flipside of the elegant “do not disturb” hanger there was a list of the items included in that month’s box and a brief description for each.

There were oral sex dice, sexy lubes for him and her, a cock ring, a special “good head” lube, and lovin’ wipes.  There are enough things in the box each month that you can explore all night.  Or, you can choose one thing and then put your box in a special place waiting with anticipation of choosing another item on a different day.  The more you explore and tenderly step out of your comfort zone, the closer the two you will become and your comfort zone will begin to expand. 

So, you can rip through the entire box like a frantic kid on Christmas morning or you can savor each item and enjoy your surprise over the course of the whole month.  And, then it will be time for your next box to arrive in the mail.   

So, just how exactly does this work?

According to Luvmybox.com’s website, it happens like this:

1.     You choose a subscription.  They suggest that “adding some fun and fantasy between the sheets has never been easier.”  You just “pick a membership length and [they’ll] send you monthly surprises.”
2.     You receive flirty items.  Your special surprises show up in the mail each month in discreet packaging.
3.     The two of you explore your box!  “Every month is a new experience whether you are in the mood for playing naughty or nice.”

So, jump over and check them out for yourself at http://www.luvmybox.com.  For just $34.95/month you can transform your relationship – yeah baby!

You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

We love luvmybox.com!

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