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Dantanian’s Gatekeeper


Dantanian’s Gatekeeper 

Author: S.R. Page - Redsonia

Dantanian, the most powerful general in Hell, follows a trail of outlawed demons who happen to flee into the realm of humans. He loses consciousness after falling into an ambush and wakes up in Adelina’s humble home as she tends to his injuries.

Their relationship doesn’t have the best start. Dantanian doesn’t like humans and Adelina can’t wait for the ungrateful stranger to be well enough to leave.

Dantanian and Adelina didn’t know that they met many times before, as lovers in different lifetimes they couldn’t remember, but the attraction growing between them soon became impossible to deny. 

Together, Adelina and Dantanian will face many dangers as they unravel secrets from their pasts, distinguish friends from enemies, and discover what they really are. 

This novel has an intense storyline filled with mystery, adventure, comedy, and steamy moments where fated lovers find their way back to each other.

Dantanian’s Gatekeeper is a fantasy romance novel that won the Golden prize in the MyFavReads Romance Contest, in the category Mythology. 

The Synopsis:

Hell is hard on a soul, even for angels.

Four thousand years of gore monotony caused Dantanian to forget his origins.

As the highest-ranking General in the realm of evil, Dantanian had many creatures under his command, eager to please him, and he found nothing wrong with the limited indulgences Hell could provide. Gambling, drinking, fighting, and women. In that order.

Dantanian's routine was interrupted when vicious demons escaped to a realm inhabited by humans, and he was saved from an ambush by a frail creature he despises.

Forced to endure nursing to health by Adelina, she proved that a book shouldn't be judged by its cover.

"Don't mistake my kindness for weakness, mister. Now that you are better, you should leave."

Should he leave? Yes.

Could he leave? Without Adelina? Those were different questions, but she was not crazy about going to Hell. Not willingly.

How could he leave her behind? For the first time in four millennia, Dantanian's heart stirred, bringing forth memories of times long forgotten with Adelina as the key, and he was ready to do anything to remember it all.

Join Dantanian in picking up the pieces of his soul, and figuring out who set him up four thousand years ago (which will require opening a portal to another plane).

When Dantanian confirms Adelina is the last one with the ancient bloodline of gatekeepers, he will wonder if they crossed paths by accident or if that was part of a bigger plan... someone's plan he walked right into. Again.

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