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Captive of Night


Captive of Night

Author: Jasmine Josef 

In the dark, secluded village of Eldris, a sinister pact casts a shadow over Hera’s fate as she is selected as one of ten women to be offered to the devil's army. 

Dragged into a realm of darkness, Hera is deemed unworthy of the demons' desire due to a prominent facial scar. Condemned to a life of servitude, she is forced to navigate the gloomy corridors of the devil's den, catering to the cruel demands of demonic overlords who see her as nothing more than a lowly servant.

Yet, amidst the oppressive darkness, two powerful beings take notice of Hera. Zarek Volkov, a Demon Overlord whose interest in her is as enigmatic as his past, and Valerius, the devil himself, whose intentions are as cryptic as they are compelling. Each encounter with them unravels a piece of the puzzle that is her existence.

As forbidden connections spark, Hera discovers there's more to her than meets the eye. A journey of self-discovery unfolds, revealing powers and truths that challenge the very fabric of her being. 

'Captive of Night' is not just a story; it's a journey through the depths of desire, the peril of passion, and the discovery of power within. Will Hera find her path to freedom, or will she forever be a captive of darkness? Turn the pages to step into a world where the line between captor and liberator blurs.


Was he going to... kiss her? No, why would he? 

Was he going to bite her? Did her bleeding stir his… thirst? 

She shuddered at the thought. Maybe he would drain her for what had happened to his horse, she thought, yet her fear was not enough to break her paralysis.

As he leaned ever so close, she shut her eyes, feeling the ghost of his breath on her face. 

Unexpectedly, she felt a warm, wet sensation glide over her cheek, leaving a tingling trail in its wake. Her eyes snapped open in surprise as his tongue traced a path to the corner of her mouth, flicking up as if swooping the blood on her skin, before retreating.

She stared at him, utterly taken aback, as he seemed to savor the taste of the blood he had licked from her face. She didn’t even know what to think or feel about this. Her mind went blank. 

“You are welcome,” he stated flatly.

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