Thursday, May 28, 2020

Zeus The Horniest God Ever

Zeus King of the Gods
or Horn-dog

My ancestors is Greek, as my Grandfather came to America from Greece when he was 16, so I have always had a passion for Greek Mythology.  Since the the Coronavirus issues have hit I thought it would be a good time to introduce my son to Greek Mythology.

I was amazed at so many of these myths (if you believe they are myths) have Zeus having sex with a human woman and fathering children all over Greece.  Nothing seemed to be beyond his desires.  As he would change his vision from changing into the form of human women's husbands to animals, to even the wind in one instance to quench his craving for mortal women.

Could his fondness for these human women come from the fact that he created humans in the image of the Gods and Goddesses.  Allowing him to create beauty in so many ways in drove him crazy.  It is strange to think about that power and having that much sex.  Then again he was the supreme being at that time in space.

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