Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Proud Father, I Am!

My son had just turned 13 and he came to me asking for money for a video game as is the normal procedure.  This time however after he asked he turned around and said, "You know it would be nice if I could make my own money and not have to ask you for money". Then I saw the pure brilliance of my son.  He said, "I could promote books like you do, only I will be better at it!.  I love his confidence.  So after several attempts by me to tell him all the difficulty and hours I spend helping authors, he was not swayed and asked me for help starting up.

We spent an entire weekend create and refining his book blog and strategies for helping authors.  When it came time to discuss the money, my son again surprised me and beat me to the punch.  He said, "You know Dad, I should some of all I earn back for my education, instead of blowing all this money."  At that point we switch to creating a business plan.  A business plan with my 13 year old son, it was beautiful.

His blog is now live and he is focusing on Children's Books and Young Adult Titles.  He still think the romance books are a little yucky.  I know that will change soon, and we didn't even talk about horror, science fiction or erotica for goodness sake.  His work ethic surprised me and I haven't seen him this focused since that last time I watched him play a video game.

My hope is that you can all go check out his blog and give some encouragement.  I am seeing great things from him and I think it would be awesome if he might be able to team up with some young authors that are starting their journey.  Below are the link to his blog and his Fiverr gig if you or any authors you know might want to help support his first business.  

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