Friday, May 22, 2020

Relax Your Life

Relaxed a Wonderful Place to Be

How many of you are truly relaxed in your life right now?  It might seem pretty impossible to have everything perfect in your life so that you are totally relaxed.  Maybe we are looking at relaxed the wrong way.  Instead of letting our life dictate if we are relaxed or not, maybe we should dictate that our life has to meet our relaxed style.  Making our jobs, families and friends fit around us instead of us focusing on trying to please them?  I am not saying we have to be an asshole to those around us but how many times have you went out of your way to do something for another person just because you felt like you had too?  Relaxed to me mean going with the flow and you can totally be a loving partner, dad/mom or friend without disrupting your flow.  It's all about setting boundaries.  Being relaxed doesn't mean you don't care it means you are ready to go with the flow in a moment's notice and that my friends will make you a good person, spouse, father or mother.  

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