Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Fake Dating Profiles Watch Out For Them

Fake Dating Profiles / Watch out For Them

Single people have a big advantage now a days with the amazing dating sites that are out there.  They give you a chance to see people, view their interests and even interact with them before you actually go out on a date with them.  This sounds great and what every single person needs, right?

Well, they have their advantages but like ever other good thing people take advantage of them.  There are many fake profiles on these dating sites with people hoping to take advantage of the power of love.  Yes I have used dating websites and have meet some amazing people for sure.  However I have also meet some that are not on the up and up.  On person after only our second message on the site asked me for money to help her sick parents.  That is when I knew I had to be careful.  

Some of the tools I have set in place on dating sites are as follows.  First of all look at the picture and say if that a picture someone took for real.  If it looks like a model shot for a magazine it most likely is not a real profile.  Second I look to see if they have multiple pictures.  If someone only has one picture up I don't even give that profile a second look until more pictures are posted so you can compare them to each other and make sure it is the same person in the picture.  Lastly read their profile (yes I read the profiles). If it is very general and doesn't give any specifics just scroll on past it.  If the profile says things like that are overly sexual or a bit risky then pass on that profile, no one in their right might will put on their profile to much out what they like on a intimate level.  

Just be careful with online dating it can be very rewarding but also very dangerous.  Have a set amount of times you message back and fort before you go meet anyone.  Always have a  support person monitoring you when you do meet someone.  Make sure they know where you are going and even make it a point to send them a text message say all okay, even set up a code work for if you are in trouble at any time.  With a little attention and safety your online dating experience can be amazing as it should be.

Peace and Love,

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