Monday, January 15, 2018


My name is Amelia Blake, and I am one step away from securing a once-in-a-lifetime promotion as an Art Consultant at the prestigious, Seattle-based art gallery Victoria Weston Studios. All I have to do is prove to my boss, Mrs. Victoria Weston herself, that I have what it takes. Easy enough, right? 

But when exotic art photographer Nolan Carter James steps through the gallery door and proposes a living exhibit of the sensual nature, EASY flies right out those Tiffany glass windows. This proposal is so out-of-the-box that it will either wow my boss and instantly guarantee my promotion, or it'll have me out the door and looking for a new job in five minutes flat. Is the risk worth it? Is he worth it?

The closer I work with Nolan, the more intrigued I become by his captivating work, and the more I want to know. About him. About the story within these photos. And about how far I can push my boundaries, both physically and mentally. With stark realization, it dawns on me that my job might not be the only thing I'm risking in this art deal.

When the opportunity presents itself for me to explore more about the life and mind of this sexy photographer, will I allow him to lure me into a world I’d only ever imagined in my wildest and most wicked fantasies?

If what I do in the shadows makes its way back to my boss, everything I've worked for will be for nothing. So the only way I’ll try any of this is if no one besides Nolan knows who I am. 

So I’ll embrace the mystery with a facade. 

*While this series will have a theme that is darker taboo with an overall steamy contemporary romance feel, this is NOT a BDSM Dom/Sub relationship story. Lia and Nolan's story revolves around the sexual experimentations that allows you to find out who you are under the Facade of what is considered "normal." 

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