Friday, September 11, 2015

Periscope Up!!!

Have you checked out our periscope yet?  We do one every morning at 9am EST.  We talked about different aspects of love, relationships, passion, and sex on the show.  However we have a couple of special treats on Wednesday we have Vinnie Nippletwist - The Crazy Workout Guy who brings you the strangest ways to keep yourself in shape.  Then on Sundays we let you attend, The Church of Sexual Energy where we get a little metaphysical about worshiping the booty.   So you are getting lots of great information form us only on Periscope.  So spread the word and help us spread the love. 

Now you can get trapped in a fantasy!!!

Book One of a Curiously True Trilogy: Trapped in a Fantasy: A Strong Desire Meets a Stranger

When recently divorced Karlee Christopher, a successful Midwest business consultant, solicits for a casual encounter on the internet and travels across the country to meet her selected candidate, she apprehensively steps into a risky and potentially dangerous night that will forever alter her life as a woman. 

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