Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Throw Your Arms Back And Feel The Little Bits Of Love

Sometimes you just have to open your heart to feel the love.  We so often go out searching for the love we desire that we don't realize that it is all around us.  We are expecting fireworks and huge signs of love that we sometimes forget that the simplest little gestures or the soft kisses are about love also.  Today I challenge you to see the beauty in all the little signs of love you can find.  Maybe it is that your partner kissed you when they got up to leave for work, or you kids helped you when they saw you struggling, maybe it is even just your dog laying their head in your lap.  There are little signs of love all around us, don't ignore them.

This post is dedicated to the late Robin Williams, know that you were loved by many.

Do You know Your Birthday Archetype?

Love may start with attraction, but it is only filled with joy if there is respect and understanding. In, "Birthday Archetypes - Keys To Understanding Yourself & Others", three-time award-winning author, Michele Avanti shows how, with just a birthday, you can uncover the reasons behind why you or anyone you know, responds or reacts to life the way they do. Once we recognize the nature of an individual and honor that nature, we no longer personalize issues and we begin to cherish and respect our differences.

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