Thursday, August 28, 2014

Denver County Fair - Pot Pavilion - Only In Colorado

Okay living in Colorado for the past couple of years I have seen some interesting changes.  This by far is the one I never thought I would see.  While I don't promote the use the marijuana, it has become a big industry in our state.  Creating jobs, tourism and a new section of the fair (see poster above).  Yet I have not seen any negative affects of legalizing marijuana at this point , I am sure it would be an honor to when the first blue ribbon for best bud grown.  

Below is a listing of events that took place at the Pot Pavilion at the Denver County Fair

Highlights of the Pot Pavilion:

  • Pot Pavilion Stage with hourly events
  • Live Blue Ribbon Competitions like “Speed Rolling” and a “Doritos Eating Contest”
  • Live Bands and comedians
  • Laser Light Show
  • Grateful Dead karaoke
  • Blue ribbon Competition displays (No marijuana will be onsite.  Some entries will be represented with photos. ) 
  • Exhibitors sharing information and discount coupons
    • Vendors selling pot-related merchandise, including paraphenalia and counter-culture items

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