Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Excess T - This Pretty Much Sums Me Up!

I recently saw this advertisement.  It is for the men who are the opposite of those erectile dysfunction adds, the ones like me that are ready to go whenever I get near my beloved.  Now you can promote that fact with the Excess T Brand.  

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Or Got To 
 has created a unique and funny concept. It is a parody of all the low t commercials that flood the airwaves. An ExcessT™ man has the opposite issue of all those commercials, he has too much testosterone. 

The ExcessT™ man finds his partner irresistible and may claim she is the reason for his “high T” issues, and is therefore his T inducer™.

ExcessT™ was created for couples to celebrate their love and admiration for each other.

In addition to being humorous in its offering, ExcessT™, is extremely serious in its commitment to charitable causes. ExcessT™ commits to giving a percentage of the net proceeds from the sales of its products to charities that support wounded veterans, breast cancer, and education.

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