Monday, November 18, 2013

Sexy & Unique Gift For Her

For thousands and thousands of years, people have adorned their bodies with temporary paint/staining, permanent ink/tattooing, rings, necklaces, bracelets and piercings/clips.  Why?  These display a message whether it is one of beauty and fashion or a message expressing the status of the individual.  Also, there are times that adorning the body is a way of honoring someone or something.  

These body adornments are often found to be sexy, too.  Belly rings/chains, ankle bracelets, and nipple rings are less common, but many find them very exciting and intriguing.  Yet, a lot of people are uncomfortable with the idea of permanently marking their bodies or being invasive using piercings.  

Of course, one can choose to wear bracelets, necklaces, rings and clip-on earrings - all of these are easily removable.  Then there are henna tattoos, which will keep you from undergoing those scary little needles and the permanence of the inked design.  If you like the idea of a belly ring or nose ring, you can always pick up some of those little stick-on jewels…cute and sexy.  But, what if you have some interest in going a little farther, but yet still not willing to pierce?  We recently heard about a super sexy and exciting way for women to adorn their nipples - no pain, only pleasure. And, these beautiful pieces of body jewelry actually give you a titillating little hug ;)  It's no wonder they are aptly named Nipple Huggers

Whether you choose to wear sexy clothes, beautiful lingerie, or nothing at all, adorning your body with tattoos and/or jewelry (permanent or not) is a fantastic way to spice things up.  When you choose the path of non-permanence then you leave yourself open to tons of options and can really change the way your body looks quite often…oooh, you will keep your partner wondering just what he/she is going to find the next time the two of you get naked together.  

And, here we are nearing the holiday gift giving season - this post has hopefully given you a naughty - yet extremely nice - idea for your lover's gift.  Even if you are the one wanting to have his/her body adorned you can buy the gift…give it to your lover with a note asking him/her to put it on your body…mmmm… ;) 

Enjoy a super sexy holiday season!  

Want to know more about Nipple Huggers?  
Check out these videos below and then visit their site!

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